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26 Sep 2014 08:00

Hazrat Zainab (As) Duaghter Of The Imam Mola Ali.(As)..
Hazrat Imam Sajjad.(As) Says....
Syrian Court We Had Such a Captive. Abysinia As Slaves And Slaves Are Imprisoned.
Zainab(As) Know It Go To Court. Imam Ali(As) Told To Zainab(As) About This Court. Imam Hussain(As) Told To Zainab(As) The Sanctuary To Remove Of The Fear You..
Zainab(As) You Must Read The Sermon And To Inform The World What Is Your Goal What Is The Perpose Of Your Brother............

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wh0's appr0ving ur t0pics? `

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Quote by NaeEm..
wh0's appr0ving ur t0pics? `

Cryze Man Out Of Love Affair And Open The Alquraan And He Know It..

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Quote by NaeEm..
wh0's appr0ving ur t0pics? `

hehehe i think its yourself

26 Sep 2014 19:37

Quote by NaeEm..
wh0's appr0ving ur t0pics? `

hehehe i think its yourself

26 Sep 2014 19:38

Quote by NaeEm..
wh0's appr0ving ur t0pics? `

26 Sep 2014 20:22

Imam Mola Ali(As)Said Her Duaghter Zainab (As) Is Innocent Through Her Duaghter(As) Reached The Destination Of Islam....
Hazrat Imam Ali(As) Was The Same As The Languages Of His Duaghter(As) And Same As Glory And Same Madness..
Every Sermon Is Heavy To All Sermon's....
This Duaghter(As) Sermon Ever Read In The Market (Sham)..
In The Court Read Sermon Frm(Kufah)...
Imam Zain.ul.Abden(As) Stood Silent To Time..
Imam Zain.ul.Abaden Eyes Cyring Blood Because Was Watching The Spectacle Of Naked Sisters Was Helpless Was Weak And Was Sick..
Imam Zain.ul.Abden(As) What Does This Situations...

27 Sep 2014 19:24

The City Was A Princess After Father Hazrat Mola Ali(As) The In Streets Of This City Without Shoes Duaghters(As)Of Holy Prophet(S.A.W.W) Foot Operated Rocks At The Foot Injuries.:( 4_Year_Old Hazrat Sakena(As) Duagther Of Hazrat Imam Hussain(As) Was Bleeding Frm His Ears Look For The Muslims Sakena(As) Were Afriad An Hide In Crowds..
Evildoers Everywher Tortured Of Duaghters Of Holy Prophet(S.A.W.W)..
Taken Place At Announcement This Rebles Are The Muslims Each Every Persons Received Their And They Stone Raining On Each Said Of Duaghters(As)

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28 Sep 2014 10:24

Hazrat Zainab(As) Not Had Every Traveled And Never Saw Him Sun. Did Not Open Speak With His Father. Market Did Not Know Imagine What It Would Be Gone When Duaghter Of (S.A.W.W) Paked Crowd Of Unjest People. Her Duaghter(S.A.W.W) Every Street And At The Every Trun How Wil Read Sermons....
After Imprisonment Every Time Start Cry And Saying To Grand Father(S.A.W.W) Your House Down In Sojourn I Have Come To In Markets And In Courts I Have Come To Hear The Sermon..

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31 Oct 2014 07:20

When Fatima Zahra(as) Came To Karbala
Zainab(as) Said. Do Not Look Ya Zahra(as) Go Back Oh Mother They Killed My Brother.
When The Night Fell On That Desert Campaing A Lonely Voice Was Heard In Mourning. Then She Looked And Saw Someone Approaching.
One Who Would Join Her In Her Grieving.
She Had Come To See Her Progeny And What Had Become Of Their Destiny.
But She Could Not Let Her To Go Loser She Did Not Want Her To Really See I Do Not Want You To Go Further. You Wil Only See Pain And Horror Body With No Head Seventy_Two Head.
Before You Were Born My Loving Duaghter I Was Shown This By Your Grandfather He Told Me What Was To Befall My Son And How It Would Be A Tragedy.. My Brother Told Me Of This Day As Well I Knew What Was To Become Of Me But Even Then I Could Not Stand Witness When I Saw Shimer Walking To Him My Mother(as) You Cannot Bear To See What They Did To His Broken Body Arrow In His Heart Liver Ripped Apart..
Oh Mother(as) When He Stood And Addressed The People Who Had Now Turned On Him He Cried And Shed The Bitterest Of Tears I Never Was Such A Thing From Him.
My Brother You Who Define What Is Brave How Can I Stand To See You Crying.
I Cry Not For What Shall Happen To Us But That The Cause Their Doom Is Me.
Even In This Final Moment He Could Only Think Of Their Torment How Could They Kill Him?
He Came To Help Them..
Then Her Mother's Eyes Began To Wander Another Body She Had To See.
A New Grave Had Been Dug In The Morning A Young Infant In There Was Buried
They Lay The Young (Qasim.a.s) Son Of Imam Hassan(as) And Next To Him The Older.Ali(as) But It Was (Ali.Asgher.a.s) She Came To The One They Killed In His Father Hussain(as) Arms
What Was The Sin Of This Poor Child.
When The Arrow Hit He Had Wailed He Cried:''Im Thirsty.
Had They No Mercy.
Another Had Now Joined Them In Their Pain
She Had Also Lost Her Only Son's Fatima(as) Held Her Hand And Led The Way To The River She Wanted To Go Zainab(as) Knew What For They Had Gone Searching Her Noble Brother They Could Not See. His Arms Would Show And Lead Them To Him. Where There Lay The Rest Of His Body He Went To Bring Back For Us Water Then We Heard A Shout:''Oh My Brother(as) We Was The Flag Fell That Was The Farewell..
Zainab(as)Said.. Do Not Look Ya Zahra(as) Go Back Oh Mother They Killed My Brother..

Oh Princess Of Kofa City Zainab(as) My Slote Received

Salam Ya Zainab(as)

31 Oct 2014 13:17

As The Baazaar(Market) Got Closer. ZAINAB (as) Remembered GHAZI(as)..
Cover Your Face O.Princess With You Hands Or With Your Hairs O'Duaghter(as) Of The Master(as)Be Strong As These Are The Streets Of Damascus. Whon Fiza(as) Said This Then..
When She(as) Saw The Drunkards. She(as) Remembered Her Father(as) Last Will. Someone Give Me A Veil. She(as) Cried When No One Gave Her(as) A Veil Then..
Then The People Of Damascus Took Revengo For Their Forefather From Zainab(as) They Snatched Her(as) Veil. Threw Rocks At Her(as) And Also Threw Hot Water On Her(as) When Sakina(as) Was Lashed.Then..
When Shimer(lanti) Toasingly Asked. Where Is Ghazi(as) Oh Zainab(as) The Household(as) Was Shattered. Kulsoom(as) Cried Out. (Zain.ul.Abaden.a.s) Remembered Madina Then...
The Family(as) Of The Prophet(s.a.w.w) Remained Quiet. They Bore The Pain From Karbala To Dasmascus. Khooli(lanti) Began To Announce That.
This Is The Family Of A Traitor. An Innocent Man(as) Was Called A Traitor.Then...
Every Moment A Forlorn Zainab(as) Was Met With New Atrocities The Oppressors Made Zainab(as) Cry By Taking The Spear
(On Which The Head Of Imam Hussain(as) Was Raised Close To Her(as) When They Showed Imam Hussain(as) Head Then ...
ZAINAB(as) Remembered GHAZI(as)..
Salam Ya Hussain(as)

1 Nov 2014 06:04

Princess Hazrat Zainab(As) Historical Sermon In The Court Of Yazeed(Lanti)

Lady Zainab(as) Imam Hussain(as) Sister. Delivered The Following Sermon In The Court Of Yazeed(lanti) At The Time When He Was Disrespecting The Sevred Head Of Imam Hussain(as) And Striking The Lips With A Cane...
All Praise Belongs To God. The Sustainer And Preserver Of The Universe. And May His Blessings Be Showered On My Grandfather(s.a.w.w) Ther The Holy Prophet(s.a.w.w) For The QURAN Says..
The End Of The Miscreants Wil Be Awful And Who Belied The Signs Of GOD And Mocked At Them...
O Yazeed! You Think That You Have Made Our Life Miserable And Our Existence Unbearable.: You Have Made Us Prisoners. And Because We Have Been Presented In Your Court You Feel Elated. You Think That We Have Been Disrespected And Dishonoured By GOD And Tha You Have Been Honoured And Elevated To This Position By Him..
This Apparent Success Of Yours Is The Result Of Your Worldly Might And This Makes You Puffed With Pride At Our Disaster. You Feel That You Have Conquered The Whole World And Feel That You Are Well Set In Power And Control..
Only Time Will Teach You A Bitter Lesson. The Following Verse Of The QURAN Points To People Like You Who Are Destined To Go To Hell.
Says The Holy QURAN.. Let Not Those Who Disbelieve. Think That Our Giving Them Respite Good For Themselves. We Only Give The Respite So That They May Increase In Sins And For Them Is A Disgracefull Chastisement.(3:177)
O You Sons Of Freed Slaves. Is This Our Justice? That The Ladies Of Your Houshold Remain Veiled And We. The Prophet's Family Should Be Paraded Thus? You Have Insulted Our Dignity..
Our Faces Have Been Unveiled And Your Villainous Soldiers Have Exposed Us To Public View.
And All Along The Journey People Have Looked At Us.
We Do Not Have Our Male Companions Any More To Come To Our Rescue.

.... This Sermon Continue Just Little Wait.......

1 Nov 2014 07:09

Princess Zainab(as) Sermon..

O Yazeed.. Your Misdeeds Have Clearly Proved Your Rebellion Towards GOD And The Message The Holy Prothet(My Grandfather)s.a.w.w Brought To This World. And This Has Proved Beyond Doubt That You Refuse To Honour The Prophetic Message Sent By GOD..
This Behaviour Of Years Does Not Come As A Subjective. For Your Ancestors Chew The Liver Of The Prophet's Uncle Hamza Ibn.e.Abdul Muttalib(as) Hind The Wife Of Abu Sufyan.
Mutilated His Body. Had His Liver Taken Out. sucked It And Quenched Her This Thirst For Vengeance The Battle Of (Uhad) You Belong To That Clan Which Always Opposed The Holy Prophet(s.a.w.w) And Collected Armies From Various Clans To Oppose Hi..
The Descendant Such Rabble..
His Prophet Are Expected To Be Merciless And Deadly And Violence Is Part Of Their Nature.. Rememeber. Your Disgusting Deeds Are The Result Of Your Inherent Animosity And Malicious Nature Which Are The Cause Of So Much Vice In Your Character..
This Revenge Is Due To This Nature. And You Have Borne Revenge In Your Heart Ever Since The Battle Of Badr In Which Your Elders Were Killed Because Of Their Opposition And Attack On The Holy Prophet..
He Who Looks Upon Us With Animosity. Malice And Revenge Is Clearly An Enemy Of The Ahl.e.Bait(s.a.w.w).. He Who Takes Pleasure In Taunting Us Proves His Infidelity Towards The Messenger Of GOD..
Moreover. You Take Pride In Saying That You Have Killed The Grandson(as) Of The Holy Prophet(s.a.w.w) And Imprisoned The Members His Family(as)..
You Do Not Consider This As A Sin Of Extraordinary Magnitude.. On The Contrary.. You Say. Had My Forefathers Seen This Performance Of Mine They Would Have Been Filled With Pride.
And Would Have Said.. O Yazeed(Curses) You Have Avenged Us. May Your Hands Never Be Afflicted By Paralysis..
O Yazeed(curses) You Are Happily Disrespecting The Head Of Aba Abdulahil Hussain(as) By Caning His Lips. Do You Not Know That These Are The Lips The Holy Prophet(s.a.w.w) Has Kissed On Several Occasions?
On My Soul. You Have Deepened Our Wounds By Shedding The Blood Of The Chief Of The Youths Of Paradise The Son Of Ali(as) Ibn Abu Taleb(as)..

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1 Nov 2014 08:17

Princess Zainab(as) Sermon...
O Yazeed(Curses) If You Had A Heart To Taking To Account Your Nefarmous Deeds. You Would Surely Wish That Your Arms Be Paralysed And Severed From The Elbow And You Would Have Exclaimed. Would That My Perents Had Never Givin To Me. And You Would Realize That GOD Is Displeased Whit You And The Holy Prophet(s.a.w.w) Has Become Your Enemy.
O (GOD) Bring Back To Us Our Rights. Take Revenge Upon Those Who Have Oppressed Us. And Make Your Wrath Descent On Those Who Have Broken Their Pledge Killed Our Kith And Kin And Our Relations And Supporters and Have Disgraced Us..
O Yazeed(curses) Yo Have Done What You Wished To Do. But Remember That You Are Doomed To Perish And You Will Be Cut To Pieces..
Then You Will Be Taken Into Presence Of The Holy Prophet(s.a.w.w).
And You Wil Be Burdened With The Sins You Have Commited By Shedding The Blood Of His Progeny And Dishonouring And Sanctity Of His Family(as) You Wil Be Taken Into The Prescence Of The Holy Prophet(s.a.w.w) To A Place Where His Family Members Will Be Gathered. And You Wil Undergo A Horrible Punishment And Then There Will Be No Escape For You And Your Companions..
O Yazeed(curses).
Do Not Be Infalted With Pride After Slaying The Prophet's Progeny.. Do You Know What The Holy QURAN Says.. About Such People Who Have Been Martyred..

Think Not Of Those Slain In GOD Way As Dead. Nail They Live Findinc Their Sustenence In The Presence Of Their Lord.(3:169)
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1 Nov 2014 08:46

Princess Zainab(as) Sermon..
Another Part Of Lady Zainab(as) Sermon..

God Is Sufficient And Wil Deal With You As Befitting Your Monostrosity. The Holy Prophet(s.a.w.w) Is Your Antagonist And The Angel Gabriel Our Support And Helper Against You Those Who Have Helped You To Become The Head Of The Muslim State Have Done A Great Disservice To (Islam) And Will Soon Know What Awaits Them. The End Of All Tyrants Is Terrible And GOD Know The Misguided And Wrong Doers Amongst You..
O Yazeed(curses)
My Disrespect Towards You Any My Appraising You Of The Chastisement Awaiting You Is Not With The Hope That You Will Change Your Attitute Or Repent..
You Are One Of Those Who Has No Shame. And You Have Been Cursed By GOD And The Holy Prophet(s.a.w.w).
You Are One Of Those Whose Heart Satan Nests And Procreates..
It Is Surprising That True Devotees Of GOD.
The Progeny Of Prophet(s.a.w.w) And Their Successors Should Be Slain By The Sons Of Despicable And Vile Freed Slaves..
It Is Pity That Those Arrow-Pierced Bodies Are Lying In The Desolate Burning Desert.
Unshrouded And Unburied..

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1 Nov 2014 08:59

Princess Zainab(as) Sermon..

O Yazeed(curses)
Do Not Feel Puffed Up With Pride At Our Defeat. For You Wil Have To Pay Dearly On The Day Of Judgment.
God Is Not Unjust To Anyone. We Trust In Him. He Is Your Refuge And Only In Him Rest Our Hopes..
Your Heart Deceives You. For You Wil Not Accept Our Superiority. But I Swear By Allah That He Has Honoured Us With The Revealation Of The Book.
With Prophethood And His Approved Successors.
You Can Never Reach This Lofty Eminence. Can Never Make People Forget Our Superiority Nor Wipe Out The Ignominy Which You Have Earned For Yourself By Your Abominable And Vile Attitude. Your Days Are Numbered Any Your Party Is Doomed To Destruction..

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1 Nov 2014 09:45

Princess Zainab(as) Sermon..

There Was Pin Prop Silence In The Court Of Yazeed(curse) As Lady Zainab(as) Ended Her Sermon..

Yazeed Turned Pale And Was Speechless And There Is No Doubt Whatsoever That He Was Completely Unnerved By This Speech.
The Court Was Full Of People. The Leaders Of The Bani Ummayah As Well As Their Officers. Jews And Christians And Peope Of Every Walk Of Life Was Assembled There To Witness The Captive Caravan. For They Never Realised That These People Were Of The Family Of The Holy Prophet(s.a.w.w) Of (Islam).
The Sermon Clearly Proved To The Vast Congregation That Inhuman Attrocities Had Been Enacted On The Family Of The Holy Prophet(s.a.w.w).
Princess Zainab(as) Exalted The Position Of The Prophet(s.a.w.w) Family And Showed How Injustice Had Been Done To These Innocents..
She Pointed Out The Treachery Of (Abu Sufyan) And (Muawiya). The Father And Grandfather Of Yazeed(curses) As Well As The Injustice Of Yazeed(curses) And All That She Predicted Came To Pass..

1 Nov 2014 10:00

Many Unjust Muslims follow mavyia As A Leader..
But People Not Know About His Battlefield. Battle.Of.(Saffeen) And Battle Of (Nehrwan) And Battle Of (Jammal)