International forum: Romance & Friendship - How to Be a Good Listener ?
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22 Sep 2014 12:55

Being a good listener can also increase your friendship levels and increases popularity. By listening, your friend knows that you truly care about him/her. Not listening is extremely rude, even if it's something you don't care about or if it's something you don't want to hear. Rude people are really annoying and you can come across as being selfish,controlling or narcissistic which decreases friendship and popularity levels. This won't help win over nice people or someone you like a lot. Also people will begin to not listen to you and you will be left alone. So listen, and then say what you want to say. Try to stay on subject and don't talk over people or interrupt as that is unfair, especially if they have let you talk already. Instead, wait until they have finished and then say what you wish to say.

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25 Oct 2014 22:11

It depends that ,which thing you are going to listen