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17 Sep 2014 21:55

Make sure what you're saying is accurate. You would be more credible doing this.

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18 Sep 2014 18:45

mm be what u r doin of wht u r bein so true show what u really feel n always end those words of doubts if u r sure of what u r then nothin is too hard to do w/ ...

18 Sep 2014 20:51

know what you want to say..there's no use to having freedom of speech if all you want to do is talk randomly (you can still do that, but more important things can be done with the time)..freedom of speech is meant for you to be able to freely speak your mind and say whatever you want without getting in trouble for it.. ¡

18 Sep 2014 21:40

say something, Have fun doing it and know that nothing can stop you from doing this. So long as you don't look and act like an idiot in the process, most people will listen if you talk loud enough.

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19 Sep 2014 00:11

It must be used mutually ; such that no one gets hurt with ur words in the process.

19 Sep 2014 01:11

it d0esn't mean that we have freed0m of speech we can say all what we want to say..lets just make sure that we use ths freed0m acc0rding to 0ur law besides if we vi0late ths sum1 can file a case against us like libel,anti-bullying and human ryts vi0lati0n...ths 3 law can we vi0lated als0 thr0ugh ths freed0m of its better if we fully aware what were saying...

19 Sep 2014 04:17
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19 Sep 2014 06:57

haan ghar men sab theek he ap kese ho phone pr btao na plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

19 Sep 2014 07:20

Freedom of speech means knowing the inner u, knowing ur own values, preach wht u say n say wht u preach...... Some ppl use freedom of speech in wrong ways to wrong ppl, of which its wrong, please guys respectur selves

19 Sep 2014 08:14

Quote by Teardropp
Just dont abuse its benifit.. As i say, think before u click or say.. :ohno

i think you better invite them for private , miss Mary . invites you to private room [yes] [no][never]

19 Sep 2014 08:45
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19 Sep 2014 12:39

Freedom of speech is the same as calling a spade a spade

19 Sep 2014 13:06

Telling about your opinion whether it is favorable or not.

Expressing your feeling is the best way to released your burden.

19 Sep 2014 13:47

It is not saying what u feel rather belive

19 Sep 2014 15:04

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20 Sep 2014 07:04

thank u

20 Sep 2014 08:04

Not afraid to stand up and speak up for what you think is right... (but don't forget to be considerate of other people's feelings)

20 Sep 2014 16:23

Know axatly wat to n it b said wt respect n considaration

21 Sep 2014 07:41

No way

21 Sep 2014 17:04

Omm... First think all is well,than say what you think is it right or wrong....