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2 Sep 2014 06:01

He that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, he shall be like an Eagle, ...

Among the fowl of the air only the eagle can surpass the limit of the
Skies, he can able to beat the current of the air,
He has the ability to see the radius of 2-5 km. About his target.
He has the ability to protect his eyes against the current of the air while his flying against the current of air.
Because he has a double vision.

What is the other special ability of Eagle that I didn't mention here?

How do you compare your self to Eagle?

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2 Sep 2014 06:11

Amazing question (thinking about)

2 Sep 2014 06:18

i dnt kn0w too but i want to be an eagle i want to s0ar high and t0uch d sky,i want to reach my dream as fast as an eagle fly,i want to saw thngs and unleashed it with my naked eyes even though it is to0 far fr0m me lyk wat eagles do

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2 Sep 2014 06:22


2 Sep 2014 06:29

Hahaha I Flying Coming Soon

2 Sep 2014 06:30

Yes I Flying Coming Soon

2 Sep 2014 06:32

<3Eagle is a bird and we r human .we can fly more well then eagle .
But the eagle is a brave and beautiful bird i like it so much<3

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2 Sep 2014 06:43

Free like an

2 Sep 2014 06:59
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2 Sep 2014 07:12

Try to discover the secret ability of eagle

2 Sep 2014 07:30

We can fly like the way of success. Nd achievments

2 Sep 2014 07:33

Quote by &amp;quot;Fatimanoor&amp;quot;
We can fly like the way of success. Nd achievments

But i am flying

2 Sep 2014 07:52
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2 Sep 2014 08:00

Fixing my wings in preparation of any storm and turbulence up in the cerulean sky!! God is my shield and guide

I will soar on wings like an Eagle


2 Sep 2014 08:20

You must have a VISION and purpose for your life in all areas.
Having a positive attitude along with faith and trust empowers you to live life fully...
You must be able to rise above the challenges and circumstances that life sometimes presents...
By keeping your energy high and staying true to your vision and purpose, you soar above the difficulties and problems to maintain your focus on truth and what is possible..

The little eaglets have to look up before they can learn to fly and then keep looking higher so they’ll soon be able to soar above the storms. At first, the thunder and lightning scare them; but they have to get used to it if they want to reach their refuge above it all. We have to look up and know that we have a refuge above it all, too—God...

2 Sep 2014 08:28

I think this is a proverbs and eagle symbolises humans, so they are smart but careful, and patient creatures knowing what is right to do so therefore when we want to see God we need to exercise patience and be good no matter what we are going through

2 Sep 2014 08:41

to satisfy our mouths with good things is to pray in tongues, for
speaking in tongues is the rest and the refreshing
when we pray in tongues, we are edifying or building up ourselves..
our youth will be renewed like the eagle's, which will be a literal renewal of youth and energy, for "those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings like eagles... "

2 Sep 2014 08:45
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2 Sep 2014 08:56

Wonderful comments. .
Thank you guy's .

I just want to share about the hidden secret of eagles he has an extra feathers left in rights.
9 in right side then
9 in left side.
That is the reason he is more superior than others.

Have you been asking about yourself about the 9 fruits of the spirits,
And 9 gifts of the spirits?
It's a coincidence that's eagles too has an extra ordinary feathers?

2 Sep 2014 10:12
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