International forum: Romance & Friendship - Is it good or bad to date an underage girl/boy?
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2 Sep 2014 04:32

I saw in facebook and in real life also many boys and girls in a relationship who are not legal to be married. I wonder sometimes if I am the only one who winces to hear a thirteen-year old speak with cavalier abandon of his or her “ex?” Can it be considered healthy and acceptable for underage people to be in “relationships?” Just what should we expect to be the result of the romantic conquests of these middle-school children and young high school students? Friends please express your opinion here.

3 Sep 2014 17:22

I think no,especially if it was just a date.........

3 Sep 2014 22:50

Hm, love is strange, it's always unpredictable. Love is Love, no matter how tough nor weird the situation might be.So,love ain't gat anything to do with age difference.

3 Sep 2014 23:48

Hmmm, thirteen years being in a relationship is bad, love is meant for people who are grown enough knowing their left and right. We are humans with emotions so when growing there is automaticaly some strange feeling which we experience as long as changes do occur in our body. It is advisable for parent to therefore come closer with their children and tell them most of human natures and it endangers involved in it such as he or she going to get pregnant and drop out of sch, or going to die through abortion, we also need to train them up more with the word of God, we should again at this age as parent try and give our children their needs and prevent them from making much friends to infleunce their mind or from corrupting their minds( peer pressure)

4 Sep 2014 03:50

Quote by Miss_d4
I think no,especially if it was just a date.........

thanks for comment friend

4 Sep 2014 03:59
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4 Sep 2014 04:09

Quote by Creepyfac3
if someone in right age have taken an underage girl/boy into a relationship i think its wrong, that will be corrupting minors...but as saying goes,age doesnt matter in love....for me its not healthy or nice to look to have a relationship with minors cos for sure if i am having problems with a mature man then much more with an innocent underage boy.i know that maturity of the person doesnt always the basis of how mature thinker he/she is but lets not also forget the fact that underage people havent had the exact maturity regarding relationship and will just show to other people that you are taking advantage of the innocence of that girl/boy.

thanks for posting your honest opinion charm

4 Sep 2014 12:16

depends on years someone who is 50 going for ann 18 or 18 going for a 13

4 Sep 2014 15:15
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4 Sep 2014 16:14

nah paji

4 Sep 2014 16:19
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4 Sep 2014 16:37

is it GOOD for mEH