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1 Sep 2014 02:04

In one week we have 7 day's.

People gathering himself together with their brethren the purpose is to worship God.

Does fellowship mandatory
To respect the Sabbath day?

1 Sep 2014 02:20
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1 Sep 2014 02:53

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1 Sep 2014 04:20

1 Sep 2014 04:54
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1 Sep 2014 05:02

1 Sep 2014 05:43

Quote by Lost in love
AccOrding tO the Bible, the 4th commamdment state "REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY" tO keep it hOly six days yOu shall labOr and dO all yOur wOrks, but the seventh day is he sabbath of the LORD yOur no work, means give sacrifice to the God the father to attend the mass on every Sunday,

…in a greek calendar where they c0unt day fr0m sun d0wn to sun d0wn like sundwn on sunday to sun d0wn on m0nday is d 1st day of d week and d seventh day fall to saturday so dr seventh day is saturday and they are rest and give self to d Lord likewise we(christian) are mandated same as them in 0ur seventh day whch n0w we kn0wn as sunday..

1 Sep 2014 06:10

1 Sep 2014 11:30
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