International forum: Culture - Does your culture has 'TABOOS'
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29 Aug 2014 10:28

Every culture has taboos but nowaday few of them still follow you knw some of them??

29 Aug 2014 12:01
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29 Aug 2014 12:01

29 Aug 2014 12:02

Yes,alot of them

29 Aug 2014 12:03

Quote by mitze
I have no idea ! :-/

me too

29 Aug 2014 12:05

when we say tab0o its n0t all0wed..a shameful phils. i guess n0

29 Aug 2014 12:06

I think my culture doesn't has any taboo `

29 Aug 2014 12:15

Indian cultur Taboo:-
Avoid display of public affection. It’s acommon practice for people in many countries to show their loved ones or people they admire secretly their love openly. This could be through holding hands in public or walking while holding your partners around the waist. It extends to greeting people with hugs and kisses or either. All these are archaic in the Indian societyand thus one should avoid engaging in any of them while in India.

29 Aug 2014 12:38

Yea.. All culture thrs a taboos..

29 Aug 2014 13:05


29 Aug 2014 13:13

29 Aug 2014 14:24

generally speaking taboo are n0t accepted by a s0ciety so if any gr0up of individual patr0nizing it its n0t taboo anym0re..

29 Aug 2014 14:27

What Is Taboo

29 Aug 2014 15:09

In the UK death is a taboo subject especially among non believers bcos theyre afraid of what will happen to them when they die.

29 Aug 2014 16:45

A taboo ~prohibited,restricted by social custom

6 Nov 2014 11:13

O yes,they are many