International forum: Religion - What is the difference between sermon to teaching of group religious leader to give spiritual message?
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29 Aug 2014 01:19

To get knowledge we must have a teachable spirit.
Knowledge is understanding from between good and evil.

Knowledge will help us to attain the most highest standard of living.
Get the knowledge to answer people with confident.
Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom.

Wisdom is behind that knowledge.

In a difficult situation wisdom suddenly come into our minds.

Do you want knowledge and wisdom?

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29 Aug 2014 01:29

Kua ur question is realy hard na
Someday you will understand what I did it.

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29 Aug 2014 02:57

kua i just want to agree what ur stated ab0ve.thats all

29 Aug 2014 04:14
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29 Aug 2014 04:16

Me too - Unthinkably agreed with you

29 Aug 2014 05:47


29 Aug 2014 06:14

29 Aug 2014 06:53

More than my witts and wishs

29 Aug 2014 06:55


29 Aug 2014 07:14

Quote by quiete
kua i just want to agree what ur stated ab0ve.thats all :U

me to

5 Sep 2014 04:45
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5 Sep 2014 04:50
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8 Sep 2014 19:39

Knowledge Recogition Of Human..
Knowledge Human Does Not Stray..
Knowledge The Human Is Taken To Height..
Knowledge Teaches The Literature..
Knowledge Is Adds To The Understanding..
Knowledge To Allah Is Near..
Knowledge Is The Enemy Capitulated..

23 Sep 2014 17:29

Anyone Friends Try Again..
If You Get Something Like Me So Get In-Depth Knowledge...
But You May Not Have The Power To Face The Truth