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28 Aug 2014 18:23

Human was created with five senses.
Sense of hearing,
Sense of seeing,
Sense of tasting,
Sense of feeling,
Sense of smelling,

This five senses basically
The last one that disappear to a dying person is sense of hearing?

Do you think it is theory or factual?

28 Aug 2014 18:25

28 Aug 2014 18:29

This is an open discussion if you have something to share base on your personal experience.

28 Aug 2014 18:31

Sense of feeling

28 Aug 2014 18:34

Kuya I still hear a lot of voice while in coma mm maybe no coz if ur other organs is still intact its a part of the biggest sense feelings or the skin

28 Aug 2014 18:35

28 Aug 2014 18:39

Its factual

28 Aug 2014 18:39

Welcome to all different opinion.

28 Aug 2014 18:39

28 Aug 2014 19:21


28 Aug 2014 20:48
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28 Aug 2014 23:00
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29 Aug 2014 00:34

It maybe be factual but i think its a theory

29 Aug 2014 00:37

Thank you guys

29 Aug 2014 02:55

i d0nt kn0w all i kn0w is u miss 1 sense and its c0mm0n sense (joke)

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