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27 Aug 2014 19:57

What shall a profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lost his own family?

What things to exchange for your family?

How do you treasure your family?

27 Aug 2014 20:31

27 Aug 2014 21:28

It's the one am. gonna create, with God, me, ma husband nd our babies.

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27 Aug 2014 23:14
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27 Aug 2014 23:53

Nothing comes to mind....

28 Aug 2014 02:24

Most valuable treasures in this world is our family

28 Aug 2014 02:36

there's n0 ideal family c0z n0 1 is perfect..n0 matter h0w l0ng their patience is,h0w much they care and l0ve each 0ther it always c0mes to a p0int that family's fought c0z of diff. reas0ns and thats n0rmal the im4tant is the "RESPECT" is still there and their willing to 4give each 0ther,4get and m0ve 0n to face an0ther day of their lyf as a family n0 0ne can replace FAMILY so lets treat them ryt c0z theres a time that u have n0thng but ur family 0nly

28 Aug 2014 04:28


28 Aug 2014 05:12

mom dad and me

28 Aug 2014 05:20
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28 Aug 2014 05:51

No place like to be with your family. .

28 Aug 2014 06:01

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28 Aug 2014 07:05

Family first before anyone else. For me ideal Family respect each other. Siblings fight and had misunderstandings but still care with each other no matter what happens.. Accepts and understand each other's flaws and weaknesses. and still keep in touch to give support with each other.

28 Aug 2014 07:17


28 Aug 2014 08:39

Quote by mitze
an ideal family is....... where you are always welcomed by your parents and siblings alike always be support their family. As father always there for family, ,
small family. good education, understanding, sharing, counselling, caring, calm, and peace, simple life good character etc are ideal features of ideal family....... :family

i love your answer sis and that of sis Quiete.

18 Mar 2015 01:48
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23 Aug 2015 17:56
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23 Aug 2015 18:40
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23 Aug 2015 20:12
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