International forum: Other - Do animals know what love is? Do they express it?
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27 Aug 2014 15:43

Whether it be towards their own
kind or towards humans?
How would we know that
animals can love? They don't talk
to us in human speech. A dog
licking my hand for my salt, while
nice, certainly isn't love. What is
animal love if it exists?

27 Aug 2014 16:07
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27 Aug 2014 16:18


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27 Aug 2014 16:42

Yes definitely,
Although they can't speak they can able to express their feelings.

27 Aug 2014 16:59

yes animals having also feelings their can express it. like the two couple lovebirds.:)

27 Aug 2014 17:15

Hehe, animals don't love, they only fulfill their sexual desires. Animals' intercourses are not called *sex*, they're termed as MATING, TUPPING, SERVICING,....etc. These terms are used according to the type of livestock. Mating for animals such as cattle, tupping for herd (sheep),servicing for fowl .....They don't know wat love is, that's y we never see a particular male plus female animal who frolic together always. The females I can of course say,love their babies according to God's plans, that's y they only breast-feed or perhaps,fend for them for a couple of days, teach them what they av to be taught to know,(flying, chirping, feeding, preying, predating, parasiting, etc.) as animals of their species.

27 Aug 2014 17:16


27 Aug 2014 17:38

waray mahimo

27 Aug 2014 17:42
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27 Aug 2014 17:47

yes our dog take love marriage

27 Aug 2014 17:51

yes our dog take love marriage

27 Aug 2014 18:00

God created Animals free from intellect & overwhelmed with desires . God created Humans with both .

27 Aug 2014 18:15

you have to watch a pair of doves that doing french kissing.

now I ask you all ;

which one of these two, human or dove who created or did french kissing for the 1st time???

Note : * if your answer is human, than you must know that human is shyly doing it, perhaps doing it indoor but dove openly doing it, so it's impossible for doves to copy what's hidden. moreover they are just animals who don't care about patent right, its human who cares about it.

* if dove who began it, than it must be copied by us

27 Aug 2014 18:45

I knw of a true story in my city! An aged retired Leutenant General of the Army living lexuries life together wit his extended family ... & wit his dog, actually, man's best friend!
The General passed away & lied in peace underneath the big beautiful tomb in the cemetary founded in the outskirts of the city no1 dwells! ..Now it has been almost 6 months since the death of the General .. & his family was wondering where the hell was that dog w/c was the subject of care of the General in his daily life... & pretty soon after smbdy died in that same village & the family (older ones) went for a usual burrial undertaking in that cemetary... & wn it is just done they moved to that tomb of the General just simply to say hi .. & there they saw beside the grave a thin skinny dirty ugly dog sleeping & they could never imagin it was that same dog living in their same house for years until the death of his loving boss .. the faithful dog w/c did't sell its master down the river for its dogyish comfort it would recieve from the rest of the family ... & it did wake up & saw them & went to them in a strange faint voice it could manage to make with that hunger & it gets restless playing with its tail against their legs ... They wept badly when they just identified it ... & they tried hard to take it home with them but that dog didn't agree as if that means denying deserting his good master who was very nice for it those periods of past life that deserves a life to live 4ward for it! Then that family hired a man that take food to that grave everyday .. & after six years the dog died & finally burried by the side of its master ..& me, the writer haven't still heard of them thenafter! ...

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27 Aug 2014 19:14

Whether animals can experience
romantic love is unknown. But
there is some evidence that they
are capable of experiencing the
same range of emotions as we
can. The brains of many
mammals are surprisingly similar
to the human brain. Take as an
example the brain of a cat. A cat’s
brain is small compared to ours,
occupying only about one
percent of their body mass
compared to about two percent
in an average human. But size
doesn't always matter.
Neanderthals, the hominids that
went extinct more than twenty
thousand years ago, had bigger
brains than Homo sapiens, but
they probably weren’t smarter
than the Homo sapiens that beat
them in the survival game.
Surface folding and brain
structure matter more than brain
size. The brains of cats have an
amazing surface folding and a
structure that is about ninety
percent similar to ours. This
suggests that they could indeed
be capable of experiencing
romantic love. But we will
probably never know for sure

27 Aug 2014 19:29

sadi jany balaa

27 Aug 2014 20:11

yes for them self they know love and can express!

27 Aug 2014 20:13

yes for them self they know love and can express!

27 Aug 2014 20:57

not ail

27 Aug 2014 21:42

Yes,animals know what love is.You them moving in pairs,chasing each other and romancing each other.Finally they express it through copulation.Donkeys really express the sweetness of the act through opening the mouth.