International forum: Religion - Obedience is better than your sacrifices.
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26 Aug 2014 18:47

The first king of Israel was chosen from the tribe of Benjamin the smallest tribe among the twelve tribe of Israel.

King Saul become famous and well known during his medieval time.

Unfortunately his kingdom destroyed in just a simple mistake.

This is a partial obedience that lead him to destruction.

No matter how much our sacrifices if we have the spirit of disobedient.

What is the moral lesson of this story to us?

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26 Aug 2014 19:10

I Hate Israel

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I Hate Israel :boo


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26 Aug 2014 20:34

Quote by Lost in love
Avoide posting or comments concerning Israel, Hamas, ISIS, Ukraine, Rusia, Bangdhad or Syria, we are in International forum,

Can you explain?

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Don't mind him,

His personal opinion or feelings has no effect on this topic.

26 Aug 2014 21:33
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26 Aug 2014 21:43

Yes is true Israel is a bad country but does that prevent us from reading the Bible? or does that prevent us from doing the work of God? This makes me remember the story of Jonah again, jonah was a man of God sent by God but he said the people in that country were wicked and for that matter took another root to go to a different country but the Bible teaches us that he being disobedient to God made him to be thrown into the sea for sharks which were goddess to swalow and vomit him later. This story clearly shows that obedience is better than sacrifice, both in the work of God and in our natural life

26 Aug 2014 21:51

Sacrifice does not always lead to obedience.. obedience WILL always lead to sacrifice!!!

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27 Aug 2014 01:06

Yes correct

27 Aug 2014 02:17

actually if ur 0beying sumthng u have to sacrifice als0..c0z its m0re sweet rather than 0beying just 4 n0thng..and we all have a desired of flesh wherein it always c0ntradict to d rules of m0rality and etc..

27 Aug 2014 02:22

israel is d pr0mise revelati0ns it says..d pr0mise land will be shattered c0z of dr ds0bedience but a day c0mes and it will be rest0red again 4 it raise a new place..4 believers..

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27 Aug 2014 04:39

we hav different perception different reaction with this two word Obedience & Sacrifice. It will always depends upon the situation if the situation is needed you dont hav much time to be obidient if we put it on Love example ur parents wants you to marry a rich and responsible man but you love someone that opposite to ur parents wants sometimes we hav to forget being obedient & put som sacrifices to giv way the word "HAPPINESS" like the fairy tales closing ending "And they live happily ever after "
remember the word sacrifice started from God he sacrifice his life to save us..... /:,@-D/:,@-D/:,@-D "Remember Sacrifice is not an idiotic action it is the powerful action that people has.... ^_____^v. Sorry Got seek Dunno what im saying ryt now my mind is in the state of calamity

27 Aug 2014 06:07
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27 Aug 2014 08:24