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21 Aug 2014 06:52

Calligraphy was an oldest practice of others.

This kind of literature was already for gotten,
Still calligraphy exist today with only using other terms!?

How calligraphy important to others?

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21 Aug 2014 07:49

I dont know about clligrappy `

21 Aug 2014 07:51

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21 Aug 2014 08:34

Can you please brief a little about it for us Sir Clixsters?

21 Aug 2014 09:20

Quote by Babynash1990
Can you please brief a little about it for us Sir Clixsters?

Yeah wat is calligraphy? fine script?? Or handwrtin? Lik penmnship?..

21 Aug 2014 09:26

Calligraphy is most important
Specialy for those talented person
Who knows how paint or eperiment etc

21 Aug 2014 10:34

This is a kind of stroke or pen stroke with a highly definition even it is just only a single stroke but it has a sacred meaning to them who's practicing calligraphy.
It was started 18th. Century during the yuan dynasty.
Today in the court we had an stenographer they are only using single stroked but has a complete corresponding words.

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21 Aug 2014 10:51

One of the powerful clan during yuan dynasty was suffered persecution because of practicing calligraphy.

21 Aug 2014 19:18
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24 Aug 2014 21:57

This talent has improved so many lives calligraphy helps alot coz its attracting lyk advatising lyk everybody want to knw what does these words say ?

18 Mar 2015 08:08

I didn't know calligraphy was literature, tell me more CLIXSTERS

18 Mar 2015 08:14

Caligraphy is wonderful,,everyone needed to know what write in caligraphy, I write and read,me like,bcoz in every day we use computer,and much peoples is very bad hand writing,,

18 Mar 2015 08:17
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