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21 Aug 2014 06:31

To be a great designer isn't bad, many people attempting to become a fashion designer but they are failed.

There are famous worldwide designer today and most of them bi-sexual, few are real men, also few women.

What do you feel and opinion about it?

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21 Aug 2014 07:57

Yes, we should follow our own fashion styles..Fashion is good but when it respects the rules `

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21 Aug 2014 08:31

I love fashion alot because am an outing type but i still make sure to save in the bank to support me in the future. I dress neatly and nicely without exposing my private places meant for my husband out to public viewers, i always try making my own combination suiting my every outing. Is important we as humans to know our best colour and best attair which suite us in looking smart and attractive in it when worn, most people think am a fashion designer but no, i make my own sketches of dress to be sewn before going to see my seamstress. People practising bisexual is very food, so if you are a man go for a woman and if you are a woman to go for a man as God commanded so the same with our dressing, men are not to wear ladies clothes just as ladies are also not to wear mens clothings

21 Aug 2014 08:44

Am hapi wid my own style.. So datz enough for me.. Simplicity is beauty

21 Aug 2014 08:48

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21 Aug 2014 08:53

bi sexual are usually m0re creative when it c0mes to fashi0n..i dnt criticize them c0z u can saw thr w0rks its really impressive..

21 Aug 2014 09:22

I love the way i am
Simpleness is enough for me

21 Aug 2014 09:25

Quote by _MJ_
I love the way i am
Simpleness is enough for me

great bhabi ji `

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21 Aug 2014 10:19

21 Aug 2014 10:57

For me it doesn't matter if a designer is bisexual or whatsoever aslong as I can get what's needed from her or him,the solution to me is to buy what that person is selling nothing else!

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21 Aug 2014 12:56

Am a design by myself.. a perfect divnic design

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21 Aug 2014 15:29