International forum: Culture - Liberated or Conservative! [ If you are looking for lifetime partner what is your beat among the two? "Why?" ]
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21 Feb 2014 09:30

still the old way of life like being old fashioned still existence today?
If there is? why they still holding and practices this culture?
The evolution and modernization of the "ERA" could really affect the way of life?

22 Feb 2014 05:16
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22 Feb 2014 08:01

I think, Librated is better than conservative!

22 Feb 2014 10:53

28 Feb 2014 00:10


6 Mar 2014 01:52

,b0th!..its b0ring to be c0nservative but its 0ver to be liberated..just in between them..c0nservative and liberated at d same time..

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6 Mar 2014 11:15


6 Mar 2014 11:17

Never been kissed and touch... That is the old practices as a conservative person..

8 Nov 2014 07:10

Yeah me Im 39 but stil single and still taking care of my self and not to be a copying person like to be a liberated or agressive or kind of a person. Long leave with the virgin people and contented to be single. Conservative i choose that one

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25 Mar 2015 23:43

Its better to be consevative woman than to be a whore or a bitch woman now that Im 40 i might say that i like to be virgin still

26 Mar 2015 00:04

I think it's a balance between the two but women are naturally conservative anyway because they are the ones who become pregnant while the man can just walk away

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