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12 Aug 2014 01:47

Who is the Top ten most influential person in the whole world at present?

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12 Aug 2014 03:02

Yes he is the one

12 Aug 2014 03:07


12 Aug 2014 03:09

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Yes I think he is in top 8?
I don't remember

12 Aug 2014 03:49

pope, dalai lama, u.s president, oprah winfrey,

12 Aug 2014 04:28

momy dionesia

12 Aug 2014 05:53

Prophet Muhammed(S.A.W)

12 Aug 2014 07:25

Prophet Muhammed(S.A.W)

12 Aug 2014 07:47

Jesus Christ is the most influential person in history,Jesus is loved and respected in every major religion. And He has to be the most talked about person of all time on earth. Whether you agree that the fullness of diety is truly in Him or not you got something to say about Jesus. Just to name a few; Christians obviously talk about Jesus, Muslims talk about Him, atheists talk about Him, Jews talk about Him and the list goes on and on and on. His teachings are profoundly imacculate. There's nobody like Jesus the Christ, anyplace nor in any era. He's a perfect figure of love and never promoted violence upon other others. I could go on and on about Christ,..therefore..
Who is as distinctive as Jesus? Who is as powerful as Him? Who is as courageous as Jesus? Who is as compassionate as Jesus? Who is as loving as Jesus?

12 Aug 2014 10:49

Mahatma Gandhi
Yes! He promoted non-violence during World War II during HARSH times. AMAZING PERSON

12 Aug 2014 12:38

King Makhado tshilwavhusiku tsha ha-Ramabulana thidigwane isina vhuhwavho na muthu, he was the king of Vhavenda tribe!

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12 Aug 2014 14:05

The Queen of U K.

12 Aug 2014 14:07

Great information

12 Aug 2014 14:10
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12 Aug 2014 14:20

at present i dont know `

12 Aug 2014 16:20

jesus christ
pope francis
vladmir putin
barack obama
xi jingping
bill gates
angela merkel
ben bernake
mario draghi

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12 Aug 2014 20:49

Quote by NaeEm..
at present i dont know `


12 Aug 2014 21:52

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Quote by NaeEm..
at present i dont know `