International forum: Education - Mystery of Bermuda Triangle in Pacific Ocean.
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11 Aug 2014 02:51

This place is really mysterious because of unexplained power within the perimeter radius area,
No aircraft carrier or anything above the skies are able to passed by within radius because they will be in danger.

As your observations what is beyond this unexplained energy?

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11 Aug 2014 03:17
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11 Aug 2014 04:10
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11 Aug 2014 04:18
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11 Aug 2014 04:42

Mysterious & dangerous place?
Hmmm don`t be afraid & let`s go there for observation!

11 Aug 2014 06:33

Don no, but hope if the scientists can do more research or investigation into this, am sure they'll figure out what really causes this mysterious happenings.!.

11 Aug 2014 08:25

nothing like that, this is just a myth.I've done lots of research concerning this.I've watch lots of documentaries about know what makes this area to b unpredictable?it's the storms.nat-geo has done numerous tests on this, flew a dozen planes above the area, navigate lots of ships on dis area bt nothing n I mean nothing was experience like mystery disappearing of watch too match tv

11 Aug 2014 08:42

What's?I may look at the truth bout them(s).

11 Aug 2014 08:43

bermuda is the gravitation center

11 Aug 2014 10:19

Magnetic force

11 Aug 2014 13:10

Well as u humans could certainly hv sm secret & restricted places n areas of warfare factories; we did built & own bermuda beyond ur imagination haha

11 Aug 2014 13:39
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11 Aug 2014 13:51

@trickster you're lying pure lies.tests has being done on these Bermuda area bt nothing mysterious was encountered.don't lie 2 other kids

11 Aug 2014 14:10

bermuda is in atlantic ocean. =_=

11 Aug 2014 16:08

11 Aug 2014 16:13

12 Aug 2014 08:51

The place is so scary seriously!

27 Oct 2014 05:40

27 Oct 2014 06:00

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