International forum: TV & Movies - What is the moral values of movies &™ television movies?
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4 Aug 2014 02:56

What is the effects of movies and television movies to us?
To our family?
And to our society?

Do you think it has a moral values?

4 Aug 2014 03:29

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4 Aug 2014 06:47
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4 Aug 2014 16:01

Quote by Babar_Shehzad
As the science and technology developing by leaps and bounds with passing years, people’s lifestyle takes place a dramatic change especially when the television and movie come out. Some people profess that movies and television exert negative influence over people’s behavior since several programs contain violence and porn information. However, I believe that the advantages outweigh its drawbacks. Television and movies enable us to cultivate good habits, alter our perspectives and make us become humor.

To begin with, people can gain access to the news home and broad which can enlarge our knowledge and broaden our horizon through the television. Through the media of TV people can instantly grasp the events happened around us such as, political movement, economic trend, scientific achievements and latest products. Take me as an example: when I was studying in my senior high school, I would watch the news channel on the television with my father so as to relax myself after the heavy study. I addressed more attention on the affairs which are closely related to my country. For instance: the methods and the attitude of China when dealing with the dispute of the Diaoyu islands. Day by day I cultivated the habit that I would watch 30-minute-news before the dinner. Hence, watching television not only can relax ourselves but also can alert people’s habits.

What’s more, watching movies can benefit people to have a better understanding of their own life and improve their outlook. It is common sense that most of the movies have their own significance rather than just for making audiences feel relaxed. Take the Titanic as an illustration: it shows an earthshaking love story to us. After I watched this excellent movie, I realized true love had nothing to do with money and people’s status. Besides, it could be beyond live or death. Love would give us courage and power when we encountering problems. Miracles would occur due to the power of love. Accordingly, people can slow down their life pace and stress more importance to their mental requests and sublimate their personalities by watching movies which is becoming increasingly imperative in recent society.

Moreover, people can enhance their level of humor through watching television programs. Being humor is indispensible in maintaining harmonious relationships with others. People are willing to make friends with you if you are humor especially in some foreign countries. Through watching some talk shows on television can improve your ability of humor. As a result, you can reinforce the companionship with your friends and make more new friends.

Granted, some harmful information on certain programs may pose a great threat to people’s behavior particularly to the kids’. Nevertheless, our government had also notice that and employed several strategies to screen these nuisance. For example, legislating relative laws, establishing a department called Guangdianzongju to monitor these programs.

Taking all these aspects into consideration, I believe that the merits of televisions and movies overwhelm its weakness.

19 Aug 2014 18:40

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