International forum: Romance & Friendship - Desperate men and Fake accounts!
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1 Aug 2014 11:05

It would be better if we discuss about attention seeking gals too, who ask for green votes and comments!!!! What say you people?!!!

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1 Aug 2014 11:24

I feel with people who uses many accounts and fake pix on mobofree,what happens is that most of them use as many accounts as they can to dup other users or to double dating on it happens on both men amd women,some users pretend like men and women pretend as men this is unfair and corrupt!

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1 Aug 2014 11:28

I'll fix them w/this

1 Aug 2014 11:29

But somebody take it 4 fun & fake accounts kind of fun...

1 Aug 2014 11:30
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1 Aug 2014 11:32


1 Aug 2014 11:33

Yeah.. Its true if thy bustd, mek anothr id, den courting agin..

1 Aug 2014 11:34

Quote by Wafa-waseem

Sure I don't . I know it's a bad side of Fun , but it's a fun at the end

1 Aug 2014 11:36

Sad desperate ppl with sad lives make fake accounts..!

1 Aug 2014 11:37

Its not fun

1 Aug 2014 11:40

Quote by nlime
Sad desperate ppl with sad lives make fake accounts..!

U ryt! Thy r despera8 somtymz thy just doin 4 fun.. Annoying, abusing,

1 Aug 2014 11:40

I'll make them regret !!

1 Aug 2014 11:42

They r crazy !!

1 Aug 2014 12:07

Its okay, if it's in limit. But I don't get why guys create female account!! are they trans-sexuals :p :d same about women

1 Aug 2014 12:09
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1 Aug 2014 12:20


1 Aug 2014 12:43

The only reason they do this is because they have something to hide. Dishonesty is dishonesty it does not matter the degree of dishonesty. What these people don't realise is that they don't trust themselves or the people they eventually do love because it just takes one comment that they remember from their own lies or they found out about some one here then everything they worked so hard for is gone. Well you deserve your own results

1 Aug 2014 13:12
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1 Aug 2014 14:33

They are Trippers

1 Aug 2014 14:36

Desperate fakers id shud go to hell