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31 Jul 2014 14:57

And make a point of saying goodbye when having to leave a conversation just out of courtesy and respect ... Because either seriously rude ignorant ppl here.. Or maybe in their culture u just disappear with out a word is normal habit ..!

31 Jul 2014 16:37

As always, with acting, you can't be too self-conscious. You shouldn't care about what people are thinking about you at the time because they're not caring about you, they're caring about the character.

31 Jul 2014 16:51

It's the ignorance andbad manners I hate

31 Jul 2014 17:30

yeah!am so conscious when it comes to my life and my health

31 Jul 2014 18:49

Not here to please anyone. I was born his way (Lady gaga) take it or leave it.

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31 Jul 2014 18:51

Quote by _stardust_
Not here to please anyone. I was born his way (Lady gaga) :oh no take it or leave it.

ur fine

31 Jul 2014 18:53

Well ur opinion don't count.. Stardust.. U leave ur manners at the door!

31 Jul 2014 18:58

i knw 1 tng ..a message ppl can transmit without using any verbal communication & any gesture at all .. wn zy fall in luv with a stranger ...'stranger' in a context that sm1 closest 2u that never values ur tears

31 Jul 2014 19:18


1 Aug 2014 01:03

yeah..with0ut saying a w0rd b4 u leave is n0t gud manners at all..but sumtimes we do that to a pers0n that "nothing,,n0t im4tant" to us..