International forum: Health - Bath or shower? Which do you prefer?
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30 Jul 2014 07:41

(Invalid img) A friend and I were recently at Victoria Memorial and we started talking about our dream bathrooms…
She insisted that she must have a huge tub to take daily baths. While baths can be so relaxing, I must say, I’m a shower boy through and through. In fact, in the two years I’ve lived in my apartment, there have been only three times that I’ve filled up the tub to take a bath. And I always ended up showering afterwards anyway.
What about you guys? Make sure to cast a comment in this topic and come honest about your preferences in the comments.

30 Jul 2014 07:43

I shower every morning and evening. But there sometimes comes a time when I love to relax for at least an hour, 'phone off the hook, in a lovely hot bath

30 Jul 2014 08:40

i prefere both of them

30 Jul 2014 09:11

Shower is the best

30 Jul 2014 09:12

I prefer bath especially when I'm tired, b'cause I need to relax my body beside that I feel like I'm swimming while having a bath rather than having shower,when I'm done with my bath I feel fresh,relaxed and the muscles should be strong!

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30 Jul 2014 10:36

I like drowning

30 Jul 2014 10:47

30 Jul 2014 11:02

Bath i want to scrobbed all parts of my body.;)

30 Jul 2014 11:07

Both as long there is water

30 Jul 2014 11:32


30 Jul 2014 11:46


30 Jul 2014 11:54
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30 Jul 2014 12:31

i like "or"

30 Jul 2014 13:25

i like bOth

30 Jul 2014 13:30


3 Aug 2014 11:00

I like shower

17 Oct 2014 06:08

I prefer a bath coz we dont have shower .:D

17 Oct 2014 06:10

i prefer bathing in the shower ... fresher

27 Oct 2014 21:54

Sometimes bath and sometimes shower .