International forum: Other - Do you like to party? (if yes) How much do you party?
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26 Jul 2014 18:29

There are many people who love going to parties and are dead popular. Which I am not. Anyway have you ever wondered if you were a party person? (I don't go to parties much but I am a bit popular) I have wondered and I am not...
So anyway, are YOU a party person or a stay at home and read a book person? Or are you in between? Please share your opinions friends.

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26 Jul 2014 18:30

Do you like to party, or are you more suited to stay home and watch anime?

26 Jul 2014 18:55

Quote by Amit786
Do you like to party, or are you more suited to stay home and watch anime?

dude how did you reveal my life with your last statement? o_o

26 Jul 2014 19:01
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26 Jul 2014 19:02


26 Jul 2014 19:09

Hmmm yes absolutely I like party!

26 Jul 2014 19:11

i love party

26 Jul 2014 20:09

I'm a Partyaholic.....
I'm that social type in general term... Imagine friends don't like going out without me tagging along. They say I always make a scene look intense @ a party or any other gathering we are together.
I generally don't think I do but they won't lie so I guess that explains it all.

26 Jul 2014 21:27

I love to go party

26 Jul 2014 22:06

I hate party

27 Jul 2014 00:18


27 Jul 2014 00:45

i like party..

27 Jul 2014 01:01

I'm not really like to party..

27 Jul 2014 02:25

I hate parties, they're just a wastage of time ...Most parties take place in the nights which are meant for praying or relaxation or perhaps, sleeping ...Y should I waste such luxurious moment,for party sake ..

27 Jul 2014 02:54

I'm very outgoing and social so I love parties and going kinda crazy. Some of my friends are introverts and don't even like parties, so I'm not sure why they even come. Not to sound harsh, but realistic.

27 Jul 2014 03:44

Yeah Me Too,
I Don't Love Party At All,
Becoz It Lead Boys To Drinking Alot And It Not Really Good.

27 Jul 2014 04:59

I like only local party

27 Jul 2014 05:27

i l0ve t0 party me and my m0nkeys go 0ut and have party atleast 3 or 2 a m0nth party means guys,drinks and dance

27 Jul 2014 05:49

i dont like local party
party that is full of drinking
and full of sexy girls
it make's me fell GOOD

27 Jul 2014 06:28

Come partywhith the Bhootnaath ' after 06:pm to 06:am