International forum: Romance & Friendship - Have you ever slapped a guy?
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26 Jul 2014 17:34

i was talking with some of my officemates and they were talking about how they have been slapped for various things (mostly profane names) and was curious if you have slapped a guy and for what.
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26 Jul 2014 17:36

I have never been slapped because I have attempted to act gentlemanly and respectful around everyone even when the same respect was not returned.
I was told repeatedly growing up that it is wrong to slap or insult anyone.

26 Jul 2014 18:46

26 Jul 2014 19:10
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26 Jul 2014 21:08

I have ever slapped the person .

26 Jul 2014 22:16

I slapped a guy who grabbed ma boobs...

26 Jul 2014 23:15

N0t d0 it yet but n0w i'm so near do it

26 Jul 2014 23:15

i slapped my enemy he was g0nna hit me s0 i hit him first ..

27 Jul 2014 00:28
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27 Jul 2014 01:37

Firstly i want to register a little protest over this question. Its discriminating against men-participation in tackling it. Secondly, i think slapping someone is in most instances an unplanned and probably the physical result of a series of emotional reaction

27 Jul 2014 02:09

Never,. But i want try lol

27 Jul 2014 02:21


27 Jul 2014 02:28

Hell No! it will be a destruction of reputation ...U might even loose happiness when u do that, because all guys will get to know of it and hate u. Aside that, u might get beaten up by the guy.

27 Jul 2014 02:29

Yeah I slapped. He was trying to touch me when I didnt want to be touched.

27 Jul 2014 04:39
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27 Jul 2014 05:18

yeah..twice at same pers0n and he beg and hug me in return

27 Jul 2014 05:24

Quote by quiete
yeah..twice at same pers0n and he beg and hug me in return :(

thanks 4 posting dear

27 Jul 2014 05:40

Didn`t yet but I`m slapped many times by different girls & it`s really enjoyable & romantic moment! Hehehehehe

27 Jul 2014 06:15

No ,never 'but now i feel like slapping myself

27 Jul 2014 06:21

i did it many times