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16 Feb 2014 11:11

Trust is difficult to gain, but much more easily lost and almost impossible to win back. It can be lost through no fault of your own, such as by miscommunication or by bad timing.

16 Feb 2014 11:12

trust is just a series of repeat visits that coincide with the expectations of the truster, such that the truster doesn't have to be breathing down the other guy's neck eight days a week.

16 Feb 2014 11:12

At first, you will probably be rebuffed by the person you let down. Even if someone says, "You're dead to me now," don't give up right away. If you grew up Catholic like everyone in my neighborhood did, you'll be feeling plenty guilty about your sins. Put that guilt to work by acting penitent. Don't let the last word be spoken in the heat of the moment. Go away for a while, and then come back once the initial anger has worn down — the edge will be smoother a few days later.

16 Feb 2014 11:13

learn from your mistake. Let your pride down for a moment so that the lesson gets tattooed in your brain.

17 Feb 2014 06:34
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17 Feb 2014 08:48

trust is like glass.. once its broken, no matter how much u tried to put it back they way it is... u cant becoz it will not be as spotless as it was before...

19 Feb 2014 14:49
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19 Feb 2014 14:54
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19 Feb 2014 15:26

This is the single most important thing. If you act again in a manner which defies trust of your partner then you might do an irreparable damage.

19 Feb 2014 15:28

Give ur partener access to all your e-mail and Facebook accounts and show him/her your call history on your cell phone. Show him/her you have nothing to hide and
*.Make sure this is within reason. It is not necessary give him/her access to your bank accounts.

20 Feb 2014 06:24

im sorry ..but no such thing to win back the trust .........onces it broke it never gonna be good as before .....not easy to do ......

20 Feb 2014 09:54
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20 Feb 2014 14:39

Sincerity and persistence can win back trust

20 Feb 2014 17:22

Trust is like pure milk, when it turns sour, then no chance to make it pure.

21 Feb 2014 18:11

Wow!! It is very difficult to win back trust but you can, it depend on how u let down the person. You need to show the person that it was is Big Mistake and you are very soory. May be just may be you can be given a second chance.

21 Feb 2014 20:26

Its like ''how to reincarnate one" thats impossible.

25 Feb 2014 13:48

if its the 1st then the only way is to change your ways but if its 2nd or 3rd then I doubt there will ever be trust again ......good day

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11 Jun 2014 07:50
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11 Jun 2014 07:57

after breaking someone's trust and confidence in you, it will take a lot of patience and determination for that special person to regain trust in you again. With perseverance and determination, it is possible to turn a person's disappointment in you around and make your relationship better than before...

11 Jun 2014 07:58

be ready to sacrifice. In
order to gain the trust
back, you need to make
real sacrifices. Like
canceling something
that you wanted out of
consideration for the
other person. Let your
friend get a feeling that
you are all for him/her,
but make sure you
don’t mention that it
was for him/her that
you sacrificed your
wishes. Doing so may
have a counter effect
and undo all the
process made. You
need to let go of other
temptations in your