International forum: Romance & Friendship - Would you leave your boyfriend/girlfriend if he/she only cheated once? Where do you draw the line?
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24 Jul 2014 12:18

Unfortunately, people get in a relationship and then cheat on their girlifriends/boyfriends. Some couples break up over these cheating affairs, and others decide to stay together. Either way, couples have major obstacles to overcome when one of the partners cheats on the other. What do you think? Should a cheater get a second chance with his or her lover? Where would you draw the line?

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24 Jul 2014 12:21

While it's a tough question, it's an easy one to answer. No I wouldn't leave if it was only once. People make mistakes...even one's as major as this. I feel that people deserve a second chance in life...after all your vows with ur partener are based on the premise of "for better or for worse." yes it is painful, but everything in life isn't meant to be easy or pleasurable. the line is drawn when it happens a 2nd time (for me anyway). If I've been willing to forgive and to try and work it out, and you feel you have to cheat again, then I'm just not the person for you.

24 Jul 2014 12:28
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24 Jul 2014 12:31
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24 Jul 2014 12:56

Yes I would if only the cheat is great and a serious one.

24 Jul 2014 13:32

my bf cheat me nd it hurts bec. 8 is my frst time and i wll never give him a second chance bec.8s hard to steep backward

24 Jul 2014 13:40

I would forgive if i love him bigtime, again and again and again till i stop loving him, but i will not forget.

24 Jul 2014 13:58
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24 Jul 2014 14:09

Love is a very sweet real and true reletion.
Evry one knw that love is automaticly creat in sm one heart and no one can contrl this feling .
As i dnt have a gf bt if she chet me i wl just ask her ,

choose one me or who if she choose me i wl nevr leave her nevr

24 Jul 2014 14:16

she is my dream girl,my old girl friend,she is now married,but i am not married,i am single,dear,now i am wating for you,i do not forget you.where are you ??? I love you so much

24 Jul 2014 14:23
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24 Jul 2014 14:28

Hmmmm, it's hard to decide, sake of that, I pray to God not to let it happen ...

24 Jul 2014 14:29

I will give her a second chance

24 Jul 2014 14:32

Quote by Trickster350
Wat line ? Change it paj :hm

what is change ?

24 Jul 2014 14:48

ill 4gv hm 4sure but im n0t sure if im g0in to accept hm again

24 Jul 2014 14:48
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24 Jul 2014 15:00

I think so,

24 Jul 2014 15:38

once is ok, twice take a hike

24 Jul 2014 15:43
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24 Jul 2014 15:49
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