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24 Jul 2014 02:49

When iraqi presednt saddam hussin has attacked kowit ,
America and other westrn countries including some islamic countries destryed iraq killd sadam husin.
Similarly America and othre deveolpd countries arose agains a small and poor country Afghanistan and destryed Afghanistan.

But israel hasbeen killin palastini people ruins their houses kill youngs boys in the frnt of their mothers eyes ,
rapes palastini women and doing every tng what they want against palastin.
Every one know that israel is num one terrorist in the world.
But America and other westrn countries are silnt.

Evn in this holy month of ramadan evry day and every naight esraeil army and israeli police killed hundred of palastini people includin childrn and women in Ghaza,
but no one arise agains the num one terrorist of the world no one wana hold israeli hand,
no one wana help poor palastini people.
Lets we cry to our Allah lets we pray to our Lorad,
lets we all beg to our creature,

o;Allah help palastini people ya Allah save palastini people fro israeli shetan.
Ameen ya rabul-Alamin

24 Jul 2014 13:39

Its our duty as a gud human to pray for poor palastini people

24 Jul 2014 13:40

Ameen yal Allah

24 Jul 2014 13:41

Mst reply plz

24 Jul 2014 13:45


24 Jul 2014 22:06

Again israeali forces target a school,
15 childrens are killd and 200 injurd

25 Jul 2014 07:23


25 Jul 2014 07:24


25 Jul 2014 07:59

im just sad for those innocent children. Specialy for those womens who are victims of raped

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25 Jul 2014 08:34
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25 Jul 2014 13:50
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16 Aug 2014 12:08


So bad

16 Aug 2014 13:48
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16 Aug 2014 13:49
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16 Aug 2014 13:55