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22 Jul 2014 02:16

Transgender is uprisings.
Bi -sexual and homosexual are increased in numbers.
Women desiring to live like a man likewise the man would like to experience the life of women.
That's why third sex are multiplying in numbers.

If you are a man and having a chance to change gender thru the birth likewise the woman too? What would be your preference and why?

22 Jul 2014 03:41
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22 Jul 2014 03:52

Quote by Don-Scorpionne
Clix why even bringin this up OMG

This is a controversial issue in western country, because they allowed same sex to get married.
A group of Moralist protest this practice but they can't make any changes because International Human Rights always intervened these matter.
Forum International is an open discussion to share our views and opinion whether it is favorable to the subject or not, still we're always welcoming any comments just like your comments.

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22 Jul 2014 05:01

I would like to be male forever! Hehehehehe

22 Jul 2014 05:53


22 Jul 2014 05:53
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22 Jul 2014 06:13


22 Jul 2014 07:17

nop i like de way l am

22 Jul 2014 08:02

Quote by Wafa-waseem
I would like to be male forever! Hehehehehe :)

no yar ..

I would like to be female

22 Jul 2014 08:03

Quote by Crookxmr
Sir :shy

but I will avoid from Crook

22 Jul 2014 09:50

never tought,never will think about it.this issue should not even be raised.

22 Jul 2014 09:50

i would become a guy just to pee everywhere.

22 Jul 2014 12:26

y،،male meee kiyaaa hota h

22 Jul 2014 13:34

Quote by FruitsPunchSamurai
i would become a guy just to pee everywhere.

Your right

2 Mar 2015 11:10

Hey guys I think there's some mixed up when I was tryna register and my gender says am a male. I'm a female but I don't know how to change my gender back to female. Anyone got an idea?

2 Mar 2015 12:04

Its peoples is full idiots,,,bcoz if God want see me as woman,and I was born as woman,,my mission on this Earch live and born childrens,,but not chage gender! Its la k of discipline,,and to distort normal world sistems and life,,,