International forum: Music - The Singer or the Music?
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16 Jul 2014 22:09

Popularity doesn't come overnight!
sometimes its take a long year before you have gain the respect of the masses and the world of music Industry.
Good title of the Music Including the lyrics and melody is another factor to get the attention of the crowd. unless your promoter is very well known and famous!

What do you think about the reasons why singers become great and famous?
Do you think its all about the songs that they had? or there is another reasons behind them?

16 Jul 2014 22:43

"Fanboys" and "Fangirls" are more interested in the singer than his/her music, A fanboy is more diverted to female singers while a fangirl falls in love with male singers. I'm just stating the obvious. If your songs don't show controversy, bad language or obscenity, you are less liked. This is very typical of humans, but sadly, it leaves many good singers anonymous and pending to failure.

6 Aug 2014 18:08


23 Jul 2015 19:12
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