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16 Jul 2014 21:26

The most controversial doctrine in the holy scriptures is all about the second coming of Christ together his angel in the Clouds.
This is what we called the second advent of Christ.
Christianity believe about the second coming of Christ and also about the destiny of the saints and the wicked persons.

According to Imam, Guro, Priest, Pastors, Priests and leaders of the sect, there are many unfilled prophecy up to now!
One of the unfulfilled prophecy which is the second coming of Christ and the resurrection of all dead including the saints.

Do you believe about the "Prophecy"?
Why, I may also believe about it?

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16 Jul 2014 21:35
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16 Jul 2014 22:26

Quote by Xtylish_Boy
I believe in prophets because the
Quran says so. Okay, so not a
convincing argument to anyone
who isn't a Christian, but
honestly at this point I have no
better reason, and no reason not
to believe in them.
One accurate prediction doesn't
necessarily make someone a true
prophet. For example, I live in
Florida. I could predict that it's
going to rain tomorrow. I don't
know what the weather channel
is saying right now, but I don't
think it has anything to do with
rain. But, since it is Florida, it may
well rain tomorrow, regardless of
what the weatherman thinks.
Would I then be a true prophet
because I made an accurate
prediction? Of course not.
To distinguish between real and
false prophets, you have to put
them to the test. Real prophets
are inspired by God and will
therefore be right in all of their
predictions. Therefore if
someone makes a false
prediction, that person is by
default a false prophet. :)

You live in Florida, really? LOL

16 Jul 2014 22:26

I'm an agnostic.

27 Aug 2014 22:10

Muslim Believe that Issa (Jesus) come back on Earth on the wings of 2 angels at Damarcus with the Mahdi against the anti Christ Dajjal ...