International forum: Culture - Is the dream of Israel-Palestine peace dead?
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16 Jul 2014 18:17

Are you guys aware of what's going on between Israel & Gaza?
If yes , what do you make of it?
In the Israel-Palestine conflict, the leaders of each side really need to man up.
We have to support the most powerful at all times, don’t we? If I was to tell you those innocent children, women and men were being killed in Gaza because of a largely interpreted book that was written more than 2,000 years ago, would you really believe me?
Now, Israel was created in 1948. Okay, the state of Israel, before you jump on your high horses again. It had been governed by Britain but was given to the Jews. The area is surrounded by pretty hostile Arab territory, so they kill a load of Arabs in order to let them know who is boss. If I was an Arab I would be pretty pissed off at this, but then again the Jews needed a homeland after the Holocaust and so they were supported financially by the Americans to fight their corner against hostile forces in
the region.
Now the United States has been largely supportive of the Jews’ fight in Israel over the years, but let’s have it right. This has simply gone on for too long. Every time peace talks occur the situation worsens. Seriously, what are they doing in these rooms?
Someone needs to be brave here. There have been situations with mass hatred, and Northern Ireland strikes me as one, as does South Africa, where there have been brave leaders on both sides that have allowed each to come through the other side.

I look at these two feuding and the violence perpetuated and wonder when it will all end. Both are in the wrong, but even when researching it seems there is propaganda behind every Palestinian attack as a major terrorist attack, but the Jews are chucking settlements on the Arabs’ land and persecuting them. So what is the answer?
I do not see how the Israelis can have a right to defend their land because a book, which the jury is still out on, said so. There are Israelis living in areas that they have traveled halfway across the world to live in, in order to protect ‘their’ land, which really is insane.
In the meantime, I hope with all my heart that someone comes up with a solution. As I write this piece there has been a ceasefire. Both sides are claiming they have won. And, you know what? There is a ceasefire, so maybe they both have won...

16 Jul 2014 18:54

A very complicated matters between two countries.
This is a decades problem because the history tells that their main problem is all about the claimed of their homeland which was promised to them by their forefathers.
Beside no one in the two leaders would like to settle the problems by dialogued both parties wont be interested for a long solution because they don't want to settle down.
maybe the issued is about the leadership who is really longing for a total peace.
I wish that our God intervened this two nation.

16 Jul 2014 18:54
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16 Jul 2014 19:02

Both countries they dont care about the inocent children and other humans no one wants to stop the fight between them.

16 Jul 2014 20:07

Thank you for your opinions! This is a critical matter, we should all be made aware of what's happening whether it's good or not. Newsfeed helps!

16 Jul 2014 20:27

Yes, your right....
this is a serious matter over two countries,
As a Theologian also by Profession this events was related to the fulfillment of prophecy,
may the Lord guide this two leader of their Nation.

16 Jul 2014 21:19

I only wonder "why so called United Nation kept silent for Gaza suicide? where's human rights watch?,,,we all know and watch wats going on this is nat fair if jews government want to fight with Hammaaz they actually know where they are ,,why they r bombing the children and elderly ,,,,ooh! May God Help the innocent children amd mothers

16 Jul 2014 21:52
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16 Jul 2014 22:21

Quote by Xtylish_Boy
First and foremost, we must say
that there is no land which is
Israel. Israel is a name
supposedly given to Jacob after
he wrestled with an angel and
almost won (would you imagine
that?, astagfirullah!).
The right of this land (Israel) to
exist is based on a covenant
which the people of Israel wrote
themselves and inserted in their
own scriptures to justify the
claim. The crux of the matter is
that the whole world has been
programmed to believe since the
beginning that this claim is
legitimate as far as religious and
legal basis is concern. Nowhere
do the world suspect that, since
it was their (Israelis) own
making, the covenant itself is
false and fraudulent.
It was stated in the Quran that
God ordered the Israelis to
destroy and drive the Philistines
(Palestinians) out of their own
land, although it is quite
inconceivable for God to do so.
Since they were both His
creations, how can He ordered
the destruction of a nation in
favor of another without any
apparent and justifiable reason?
From this false premise, a conflict
started and was dragged on and
on until today.
Unless every nation especially the
United States begin to realize and
recognize as well as to accept the
invalidity and absudity of the
Israeli claim, peace remains only
a dream in the region. Of course,
it takes more than courage to
face and uphold the truth,
especially when it is against
popular belief :)

That's what your religion has to say, If everyone takes note of what religious books have to say, the Jews actually have the rights to occupy the land called "Israel". I'Ve mentioned it. They are merely written by people. Is this more of a religion war than a war for territory? I think not.