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13 Jul 2014 19:22

What is the forbidden foods in your religion?
Why it is forbidden?
Is this a doctrine or friendly advisory?

13 Jul 2014 19:25

Harmful foods are forbidden in my personal religion!

13 Jul 2014 20:20
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13 Jul 2014 22:10

Forbidden foods can be of a doctors advice or as a result of traditions taboos. In my religion/ tradition pigs are unclean and therefore forbidden because; after Jesus casted out demons from the witches it went to stay in pigs which fel into the water and swam off

13 Jul 2014 23:33

Forbidden foods are those God told us not to eatcoz they are unclean. These includes pork, fish without scales, for more info just read the Holly bible LEVITICUS

13 Jul 2014 23:52

No forbiden foods except laboratory (specialist) rull & regul.

13 Jul 2014 23:57

13 Jul 2014 23:58

Thank you for that information.

14 Jul 2014 04:37

I dislike mangoes

14 Jul 2014 12:22

for my religion "big" meat,,,is 4 bidden

14 Jul 2014 12:46

What is your religion dear

14 Jul 2014 22:03

Quote by Wafa-waseem
Harmful foods are forbidden in my personal religion! :)

14 Jul 2014 22:07

Quote by Ifrah
for my religion "big" meat,,,is 4 bidden

what is your religion ?

15 Jul 2014 07:37

i'm atheist, i can eat whatever i want!!

15 Jul 2014 07:48

According to my parents, I'm a Hindu, and Hindus are supposed to be vegans. But I only consume chicken and sea food as non-vegetarian edibles. I'm used to it and have no problem with it at all even though I'm an agnostic. Secretly, everyone is an agnostic.

15 Jul 2014 08:41

15 Jul 2014 08:41

in my religion i cant eat pig's meat or pork