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10 Jul 2014 10:57

How many people here have actually made the effort to meet or are actively planning to meet their lovers, friends? For lovers I'm guessing the reality is so different from the wap person you think you know!

10 Jul 2014 12:48

Hmmm guess all this love in here is just wap love when it comes down to it lol!

10 Jul 2014 13:36

Meeting friends and lovers is very important in life espercially with lovers since we cant only date on net without seeing ourselves. I have planned on a date which wil be suitable for some of my friends, i wil alert them and then make a date on it to help me know whom i have being chatting with and to again know countries which i dont know of and to meet Andaband hny my love during the christmas holidays

10 Jul 2014 14:10

I know many but always i encountered that all is fake accounts

10 Jul 2014 14:46

…meeting sum1 in real is n0t easy (net friend/lover)specially when u b0th came frm diff. c0untry…u need to be wise en0ugh to make any decisi0n s0 that in end u'll n0t regret 4 it

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10 Jul 2014 14:48

Yes totally agree. Despite thinking you know someone, the reality is probably different from the fantasy.

10 Jul 2014 15:10
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10 Jul 2014 15:14
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10 Jul 2014 18:31

Its very difficult to control such type of situation but it's only for first time meeting

10 Jul 2014 18:42
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11 Jul 2014 03:03

Who's fakin ?

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11 Jul 2014 04:14

Meeting friend's

11 Jul 2014 06:47

I find it confusing most of times net lovers use fake ldentity so its hard to meet the one u love because u need to knw if both have comfirmed abt it

11 Jul 2014 09:55

Agreed.. Fan pics showing a sign with an agreed word, or cam chat, Skype etc!

11 Jul 2014 12:10

Quote by china24
Who's fakin ? :(

11 Jul 2014 12:17

Plenty of fake pic and fake personalities in any site!

11 Jul 2014 12:25

Oh to love is not by checking fake or real....the one fake may open up when he or she loves you.

11 Jul 2014 14:20

I've met my love he is real not fake

11 Jul 2014 14:31

I have done this.

11 Jul 2014 14:32

How did it goes?