International forum: Religion - what is the proper dress code inside the church or temple?
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10 Jul 2014 01:29

Do you values the proper dress code inside the church or temple?

10 Jul 2014 07:23

it must be decent,put on clothes that dasnt expose of our bodies.its a shame how pipo dress in church

10 Jul 2014 07:33

You walk the talk?

10 Jul 2014 09:04

the dress code should be decent. im a way that our body shape is not exposed, meaning that we should not wear tight skirts, muscle t-shirts, mini skirts, and so on. because this will allow us to help others sin throw imaginations and that makes us sinners as well. the house of God should be treated as just.

10 Jul 2014 10:41

Yes,i agree with you my friends because the house of the lord is not a house of fashion show. Jesus got annoyed and whipped money changers in the temple we should be careful how we dress to church lately like that of jazebel if we dont want the anger of the most . High strike on us. Jesus Christ taught us how to dress when praying,and that is to cover our nakedness and to be on a veal as a woman

10 Jul 2014 11:08

May it proper dressed and not to expose ur body befor God

10 Jul 2014 14:54

Thank you guys. .

11 Jul 2014 05:57

let me think

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11 Jul 2014 06:02
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11 Jul 2014 20:51

Just go naked maye. Wit yo hoodie on.