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9 Jul 2014 01:31

Divine healing is the act of God, while natural healing is the act of man using science & technology.

Divine healing still happening?

9 Jul 2014 05:33

yes 0fc0urse...u just need to believe in it and 0fc0urse with d help of as u called natural healing..their actually an intruments sent by god and m0lded in a particular c0nstituti0n to help us..who people in need..

9 Jul 2014 06:37
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9 Jul 2014 07:13

Nothing divine , every thing depends on ,cause ,reasons / effects ' results : aftereffects

9 Jul 2014 09:44

I agree with sis Quiete and sis Mitze because devine healing stil exist since some illness are physical and natural whilst others too are spiritual, with spiritual ilness it can only be cured by a powerful man of God through ones own faith as Jesus Christ did. On His last days on earth, He said, He was going to His Father in Heaven so His desciples will continue with His work on earth,but He also adviced us on false prophet who are just after money and earthly things.

10 Jul 2014 01:06

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