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12 Feb 2014 21:30

There are uncountable religions in the world but most popular religions are Christianity Islam Hinduism Buddhism Sikhism Atheism & Humanism!

So - which is best religion in the world? Why do you think, your religion is best than all others?

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28 Mar 2014 20:50

Only and only ISLAM is the best religion in the world because it is practicaly proved that only islam is the religion which is not only protect the right of muslims but also to non muslim and other human in the world .

28 Mar 2014 22:53

wat makes you belive tht islam is a true reliogion and why is it the best religion in the world? plz i Wanna knw

29 Mar 2014 00:08

christianity is the best,and it has always been the best

29 Mar 2014 00:47

can't tell coz every religions is best so believe in wat u believe

29 Mar 2014 01:17

Chirstianty is the best

31 Mar 2014 02:58

There's no "best" religion,at least nt Islam wid the 72virgins in its heaven!

31 Mar 2014 04:56
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31 Mar 2014 05:12


31 Mar 2014 05:33

Christianity and islam both two are best

31 Mar 2014 06:17

Quote by Rizwana4
Islam is the best religion in the world . I am proud to be a islam

31 Mar 2014 06:17

Islam i am muslim and proud to b a muslim

31 Mar 2014 06:51

east n west islam is the best...

31 Mar 2014 07:05

Islam is the best religion

31 Mar 2014 10:50

I never going 2 compare christanity with any relgion else!!
B/c christan worship the lord who creates them and all the university!
But the others worship and faldown to the things which made by them.
Those things have nose but, unable to smell,
Have uper part of the body but,unable to think,
they consderd as lord but, can do nothing.e.t.c. So the people who have been serving them, my knows & understand the truth in one blessed day & abstain from worshp them. Then they may change their mind to ward jesu christ their creator in one blased day.
: ONLY JESUS IS ABLE TO DO EVERYTHING! I'm Wittness for all this!

31 Mar 2014 10:53

All religions are best.

31 Mar 2014 10:55

For me every religion is the best because I follow all the religion. I feel that every religion is the same on the difference is the way of praying.

31 Mar 2014 11:29

All religion are man personal effort to meet God! But only Christianity is God effort to meet man John3:16 & Ephesian2:8

31 Mar 2014 11:31


31 Mar 2014 11:33

With out doubt islam is the best

31 Mar 2014 11:34

Islam is the best