International forum: Romance & Friendship - Whats a true friendshp?
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8 Jul 2014 01:52

People always talkin abt love and friendshp.
Bt most of people dont knw whts true and pure frindshp?
Lets we discuss abt it.
As i knw a true and real friend will always obey his/her friend, its a comon says,
if you dnt make ur slf sad, u cnt make sm one happy.
A true friend will always faithful to you and will always do what you want.
A true friend will always show you your mistake and will try to avoid you from bad things,
but whn you fell in truble a true frind will always be there to hlp you.
A true frind is a gift 4m God. We must respct and care God gift

8 Jul 2014 09:45

True friendship & love can never be defined!

8 Jul 2014 10:38
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8 Jul 2014 10:54
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8 Jul 2014 10:59

Animals are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.

8 Jul 2014 11:00

Quote by mitze
True friendship scolding us when things going wrong, A true friendship encourages us, comforts us, supports us like a big easy chair . :hb

8 Jul 2014 11:05

true relationship is like a tree planted by the rivers of never grows wither and it never dies...

8 Jul 2014 11:27

True friends d0nt l00k @ y0u with judgement in their eyes, they kn0w y0u,ve made mistakes but they accept y0u f0r being human and help y0u t0 right the wr0ngs that y0u did.
Friendship is like a g0lden chain...each link is a mem0ry fr0m past t0 present...try t0 never let this chain break...remember g0ld is valuable and so is true friendship.
When y0u have been thr0ugh hard times and y0u c0me 0ut the 0ther side, l00k ar0und y0u, the pe0ple y0u still see next t0 y0u are y0ur true friends.

8 Jul 2014 11:31

The mean and cowardly, Can never know what true friendship means.

8 Jul 2014 12:13

"A true frd never walks away , a true frd will always stay"
"A true frd is sumone to laugh til u r crying"
"A true frd is sum1 who wont tel ur secrets to any1"
"A true frd is one who is glad when u hv worked and achieved success"
"A true frd is tells u your mistek n u will learn 4 it"
"A true frd is sum1 u trust"
"A true frd is everything"

8 Jul 2014 12:23

in short,,,true frnd is the one who always stand by ur side ,,and keep ur secret

8 Jul 2014 12:50

friends are a sure refuge. The young they keep out of mischief; to the old they are a comfort and aid in their weakness, and those in the prime of life they incite to noble deeds.

8 Jul 2014 12:53
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8 Jul 2014 12:59

If your so-called friend is a big gossip, then it's likely that your friend is gossiping about you when you're not around. Though everyone loves some juicy gossip occasionally, if you feel like your friend is always gossiping about someone or talking trash, then chances are, your "friend" will do the same as soon as your back is turned. Here are some ways to know if your friend's gossiping is out of control:

8 Jul 2014 13:01

True friends stab you in the front

8 Jul 2014 13:02

A true friend shouldnt gossip against your boyfriend/girlfriend and try to break your relation.

8 Jul 2014 13:25

am here with a true friendship..dnt see me as a wrong one,i might be the right one for you!!let me jst say it..''i think i love u nancy''

8 Jul 2014 13:54
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8 Jul 2014 14:10

True weapon of frenship is honesty

8 Jul 2014 15:33

true tlk