International forum: Other - Are you in favor using short cut words or abbreviated?
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6 Jul 2014 16:53

Hello guys
Do you think it is good for us to create topic with the attachment of multiple abbreviated words?
Even moderators using abbreviated words?
How can we help users if weren't using right spelling?
Is this a sign of laziness?
If we are going to edit others message make sure were also following the right procedures.

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6 Jul 2014 18:57

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6 Jul 2014 19:04

Short forms often confuse , in communication while chatting ,i don,t like xo brief comments

6 Jul 2014 19:49

Personally I`m against shortcuts and using full & correct words, is the originality of English language!

6 Jul 2014 20:02
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6 Jul 2014 20:04

Quote by mitze
I'm not favor in using short cut words, grrrrr I don't know what she/he talking about if i see short cut words, I'm learning english I want to read conversation with person good in English, like Babynash1990 she writing very clear, :)


6 Jul 2014 20:37

6 Jul 2014 20:39

i actually hate it. i only use that stuff when chatting with my facebook wife, because that's how we joke.

6 Jul 2014 21:42

i usually use it in can minimize my thumb frm t0uchng my screen likewise fr0m paining fr0m it..i undrstand sum sh0rt cut and abbrevîati0n c0z even in sch0ol we use sum abbreviated w0rds...did u kn0w that ô can be read as 0f? and ê can be read as the?…but sum of abbreviatd w0rds also i cant undrstand c0z they 0ver use it..

6 Jul 2014 22:04
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6 Jul 2014 22:06

Am in favour of it but only when using social network, as longer we understand each other it minimize the writing

6 Jul 2014 22:41

Nope, I barely use it. I'm not a fan of colloquial acronyms or abbreviations. I only use it when the conversation is time wastîng and boring or when I lose my credîbility. Notice how many use this form of conversating including the "ebonics" or mutual slangs, well, I think it's odd.

7 Jul 2014 02:46

of course is a right way of communication

7 Jul 2014 08:54
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7 Jul 2014 12:47
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7 Jul 2014 12:50

it depends where you were going to use some abbreviated words you've should have know the formal letter writing. Definitely it is allowed for some instances and reasons it depends upon the quote you are quoting. i'm bleeding now

7 Jul 2014 12:53
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7 Jul 2014 13:00
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7 Jul 2014 17:30
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7 Jul 2014 20:31

Short words are very useful because it save time a lot that's why I like it