International forum: Politics - Do you like politics, why?
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9 Feb 2014 04:29

As you already know that political system is necessary for every country, and we become politicians without knowing its significance or importance in the systematic politics;
So, simply my question is, Do you like (or dislike) politics? And why?

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9 Feb 2014 04:31
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10 Feb 2014 18:30
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10 Feb 2014 22:26

its a dirt game thats why i dont want to here them

11 Feb 2014 20:59

I like it just becoz of history @ school

12 Feb 2014 20:59

Quote by Lost in love
I hate politics,,,,they only need u the tym the run,,many promises that are brOken.,

23 Mar 2014 19:23

Ilike politics coz on 20 may iwant to be 1 of the member of parliament

3 Apr 2014 19:53

i love politics but it kills me that d authority in that particular positi0n didn't do what they have to do..they shud give good service to d people but all they do is to corrupt m0ney frm d gov.

27 Apr 2014 17:19

I like politics. the first thing people think of when they hear politics is, politicians, then come the parliament, and the rest follows. that is not necessary the case, politics happens everyday, in ur family, at ur work place, between friends ...
when you disagree and you want to stress a point, that's politics...when there is arguement between people, then that's politics.

11 May 2014 09:04

I hate

19 Jun 2014 19:00

Politics su cks anyway and why? Just hate the whole thing

19 Jun 2014 19:13


19 Jun 2014 19:27

i have no interest in politics...but its a fact

19 Jun 2014 20:11

Am a politician, politician involves the use of good convincing words to win more people to vote for your party, some politicians are killed through their opponents party members and we are again insulted by both the young and the old espercially when the party comes in to power without performing the responsibilities or thw needs of the people. When yo u become a politician and your parety does not come into power, getting of good job to do is not easy. Am think:Ing of resigning from being a politician because my job now does not permit me to show my voting identity

19 Jun 2014 20:52

no interest politics

19 Jun 2014 21:14

I like it, but in true way. ?

15 Jul 2014 20:38

no interest in politics cos it's completely mind tension

27 Aug 2014 14:44

Quote by Lost in love
I hate politics,,,,they only need u the tym the run,,many promises that are brOken.,

I agree

27 Oct 2014 10:29

I dont like even i hate politics.

27 Oct 2014 10:32

I like