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4 Jul 2014 17:43

Countless of true to life story was made & some of them ripping of countless intrigued.
Maybe the others are negative or positive but all of these is a part of success.
Among all true to life stories that you have been watching who is the most credible & almost perfect in the making?

4 Jul 2014 18:59

I think the life of PI
& the passion of Christ. .

4 Jul 2014 21:22

the life of mosses & passion of muhammad

4 Jul 2014 23:28

The birth and the death of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Is a broad story teaching us so many things which has cum before, about to cum and which we are going to experience in the end time.

5 Jul 2014 02:14

Trademark in other words

5 Jul 2014 02:40