International forum: Health - do you think it is advisable to take any antibiotics without the prescription of physician?
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3 Jul 2014 16:22

What do you think?
Do you think it is reasonable?

3 Jul 2014 16:25
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3 Jul 2014 16:34

Must see the doctor first.

3 Jul 2014 16:37

Thank you guys

3 Jul 2014 17:03

Drugs need to be prescribed by a doctor or a physician before taking it before it leads to drug abuse causing another illness or death. We shd first seek the advice of atleast a physician before taking any medicine to harm our immune system

3 Jul 2014 17:44

Without physician priscribed donot take any antibiotic b/c all drugs pass through the liver

3 Jul 2014 17:44
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3 Jul 2014 17:58

Good answers!

3 Jul 2014 19:13


3 Jul 2014 19:28


3 Jul 2014 19:53

Yes if you do understand the medication and you have the knowledge to prescribe a drug if not ask the one who has better of knowing and knowledge about the drug see a doctor or any medical attendant

3 Jul 2014 22:34

Did u kno de causes of headach?...1)if u refuse to visit ur private stool.or de others.neva priscribe ur self medicine..Biochemist at UK...

4 Jul 2014 02:16

It all depends on d kind of ailment,'cus if it's headache or body pain,u can just take water nd oda normal drugs. Bt wen it cmes to fever,malaria nd all sorts,i'l advice U consult an expert on health,like me...

4 Jul 2014 04:45

Don't take meds without prescription specially with antibiotics. It kills bacteria yes. But it also kills good bacteria. Our immune system gets lower.

4 Jul 2014 06:10

Antibiotics is only wth gp's prescription

4 Jul 2014 09:37
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4 Jul 2014 16:26

hahahaha thats funny to me. a physician is supporse to give the prescription no mata the circumstance. so thats a BIG NO FROM ME.

4 Jul 2014 16:39

Oo waw wat zt