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30 Jun 2014 17:34

Hello guys.
I know there is more chatters better than me.
That's why I created this topic to share your insight how to make a good topics which is understandable by even an average users.

As one of mobofree users let me share also my simple idea how to start a good topic.

The title,
The subjects,
Your introduction,
The body, "which is the content of your messages.
The application must be volatile and adaptable,
The conclusion, it must be precise, sustainable and adjacent, transparent.

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30 Jun 2014 17:50

Thank you very much for creating a valuable & informative topic!

30 Jun 2014 17:53

Quote by Wafa-waseem
Thank you very much for creating a valuable & informative topic! :)

Thru your comments I can create another topic

30 Jun 2014 18:12

Hehehehe I like to read the introduction or explanation of your topics but unfortunately your topics are usually difficult & unanswerable in many ways, therefore I occasionally don't make comments about your topics, Nevertheless keep on creating new topics, I like it!

30 Jun 2014 18:17

I have a lot of topics just like what you have said right now.

30 Jun 2014 18:23

I will try to create topics
Just like reflections.
Referring to general information.

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30 Jun 2014 21:40

Im not going to re-arrange the topic techniques as that is now taken care of quite articulately. I must then say topics should aim to generate broad interrogative and exciting exploration by mobo members by making it identify with us through drawing each topic's content from the rhythm of those simple chit-chats and interests of the mobo posse whose many issues boil down to love and relationships

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30 Jun 2014 21:47


1 Jul 2014 03:05

I love all u re rite

1 Jul 2014 05:53
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1 Jul 2014 08:23

Yeah, Dat's It

1 Jul 2014 09:43

sir clix and creepy thanks 4 d inf0

1 Jul 2014 13:59
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