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30 Jun 2014 14:26

Comedy bar is really great!
A lot of jokes coming from stand comedian.
Do you think their style is acceptable? Because sometimes a few of stand comedian feeling close to audience that's why they lost their control about giving jokes addressing someone.

30 Jun 2014 14:36

Sometimes comedian's joke hurts someones feelings, its because of thier eagerness to make their audience laugh at them,my advice to those people who's hurt please don't take it seriously its just 4 fun, for me their style is acceptable thats why they are called comedian.

30 Jun 2014 14:43

Yes your right,

30 Jun 2014 15:07

its very fun to watch and be at c0medy bar its lessened ur stress and let u 4get ur pr0bs 4 a whle..dr acceptable yes c0z in d 1st place as ginger said dr c0median theref0re pe0ple shud be ready to d p0ssible dat they gve j0ke and un intenti0nally u wl be hurt by th0se but we need to undrstand that dr 0nly d0in dr j0b

30 Jun 2014 15:46


30 Jun 2014 15:48

Library in morayta great comedy bar,

30 Jun 2014 23:15

Comedian is a funny thing ,,,, hehehe

30 Jun 2014 23:46

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1 Jul 2014 05:49
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1 Jul 2014 11:44
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