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30 Jun 2014 03:37

Brain drained is an idiomatic expression,
People think about good salary or higher income, therefore after a years of working to their own country they were trying to move into another country for work again.
Do you think the problem is their salary?

30 Jun 2014 03:48
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30 Jun 2014 04:52

gara great i agree with u

30 Jun 2014 05:18

Already answered by ma`am gara25

30 Jun 2014 06:15

Definitely thats the reason

30 Jun 2014 07:17
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30 Jun 2014 09:26

das love for adventure & prestige

13 Aug 2014 19:34

The Brain Drain means that developing countries struggle to develop because the best skilled labour leaves the economy. Thus it becomes hard to break the cycle of losing the best workers. The Developing countries lose in many ways:

21 Aug 2014 07:28