International forum: Other - Ur Wife or Ur Mother ?
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1 Feb 2014 22:01

if u accidentaly come across ur wife nd ur mother drowning away by a river nd u can only rescue one at that paticular moment,who will u save? ur wife or ur mother?. u said it to ur wife at the alter 4 beter 4 worse! bt thats ur only mother that gave birth to u she carried u in her womb 4 nine months she cared 4 u until u a now a big man so who will u save ur wife or ur mother?................

11 Feb 2014 14:46

OMG it's very difficult & tireable happening but truely speking i will save my mother fristly... Cuz i love her more than every thg even more than my self.*long life mama*

26 Jun 2014 04:23
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26 Jun 2014 04:28

My mother first cause I love my mother more than my life..

26 Jun 2014 05:46

Quote by mitze
I will save my mother 100% ,wife I can find many , but mother never , I love my mother more than anyone in this world :*

wife i can find many . Hey guy are u seeking for a wife ? Mitze

26 Jun 2014 05:49

I will save my wife, God will save my mother , mother is a gift from God