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25 Jun 2014 12:40

Weve all been in the circumtances where having a conversation or arguments with someone and they accusing you and convince your wrong about something , even though you know youre right . Whether it's trivial facts or serious issues .
How you react to the accusation can turn the course of the whole conversation ?

Just share your honest opinions and advices .tnx .

25 Jun 2014 14:49

I don't waste my energy to nonsense things.

25 Jun 2014 15:00
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25 Jun 2014 15:11

.. because other peoples accusing me with those words that i know im never do that. its feeling horrible to call you a 'freak' even if does not true when i heard and read that hate words my eyes get pain, i have a long temper but when they call me that im a freak i cant control myself and i argue with her and them , i know arguing with those person who doesnt even know if the accusation is true or wrong are wasting of time but how long I handle that if the person treated me harsh and rude? yes ur right nonsense if u wasting ur time but if i tolerate them to treat me like that even if im nice to her what was happen, i dont want to fight with them but i just wanted to know that and i want to clarify that she's (they) accusation are not true. hmmm but if they dont want to listen ok .. i dont mind it anymore and i dont want to please them to like me.. thinks of what they think about me because i know WHO I AM .haters are everywhere, you cant go around them but keep moving.

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25 Jun 2014 15:12

I l0se my patience and react back m0re rude na

25 Jun 2014 15:14

I m totally out of control nd got angry alot

25 Jun 2014 15:34

No doubt that it wud give a very sad nd at the same time really annoying feeling yet if u r a wise person u wudnt definitely stoop down to the level of those who r accusing u... no one wins in the war of words...of who's ryt nd who's wrong so instead of putting myself n a heated argument id rather breathe in nd breathe out turn my back nd walk away...for in the end m sure i wud reign victorious if m sure dat i didnt do something wrong against anyone...

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25 Jun 2014 15:45

if this happens definitely i'm loosing my temper and i'll out of my mind and out of control but i wouldn't show it for sure I'll just keep it in with myself and think of a better way and ideas.

25 Jun 2014 15:53


25 Jun 2014 15:54

I wount ulter a word so he or she can choose to say whatever that pleases him and when tired he goes away. Because it wil lead to misunderstanding of argument leading to fight if i should talk back. We al know that gentle men and gentle ladies do not talk much by arguring and exchanging words in public.

25 Jun 2014 15:58

I feel pity to the 1 who lose his or her confident I'll just try to adjust a little more but w/a bit of extra precuassions:) but I'll their if they ll hurt me:ff

25 Jun 2014 17:52
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25 Jun 2014 18:34
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25 Jun 2014 18:40

People have different ways of looking at things, different approaches to reality, and different world views, so that even the "facts" can be different. It's usually the conclusions, based on these differences, that are points of contention. Frequently our pride makes us defend our own world view, rather than being humble, teachable, intellectually honest and open to alternatives. If we keep molding everyone into what we think is factual reality, then we poison the well of new ideas, approaches and paradigms, and stifle freedom. I think it's all about understanding the other person's point of view, rather than trying to be right. After all, no one knows everything.Yes,it's difficult to uderstand the person's point of view specially when you so much anger and hurt but we need to contro ourself and thinks what his her point of view and after delivering his /her side,and you going to evaluate the whole stories to know what is right.

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25 Jun 2014 18:56

I get angered when somebody just tell me it's a "LIE" when am speaking the truth but over reacting would get me nowhere so I just normally don't proceed in my truthful speech.

25 Jun 2014 19:01

Well it defends upon the situation if the level of accusation are againts my will or destroy my princples i am totally fight for it in a manner way.... im not a type of person use to argue with a hard headed people so i'll better find the things that will prove my statement than talking with that kind of person....

25 Jun 2014 19:36

Quote by clixsters
I don't waste my energy to nonsense things.

I am really sorry Sir

26 Jun 2014 03:14

Yeah..sis..normally u felt sad and get angry in That situation accusing u wrng but u are rigth,.. Even u depend ur self in wht she says bad to u..But she's still fighting, arguing..Best things to do sis ignore her,..pretend that u dont knw her,dnt make ur day ruin..we knw u very wel such a good frnd u r,..and were not beliv in what evr she says bad to u..i love U alwys here for u.. Pirme Sana qng yaun saimo aram mo yn tugang..

26 Jun 2014 03:19

Sis lady.thankyou .:) . Ajan ka pirme saku.pareho kitang ngkakaintindihan . (Hug) .love yah sis .:)

26 Jun 2014 05:50
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