International forum: Romance & Friendship - A Poetry of Love for someone special on " Valentine's Day"
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26 Jan 2014 09:54

My First..My Last....My Valentine

I've never imagined that there
can be this day
A day that love will find
it's way
Out my heart and into
my soul
These feelings I have are
beyond my control

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26 Jan 2014 23:38

I love the way you touch me
Always sending chills down my spine
I love that you are with me
And glad that you are mine

26 Jan 2014 23:41

I love the way you make me so happy
And the way you show you care
I love the way you say "i love you"
And the way you're always there .....

27 Jan 2014 03:01


lying in bed
with a smile that curve in my lips
with fondness that glows in my eyes..

i think of the day that i can see your face
of d day dat i can touch it..

i look forward to the day
that i can hold your hand..

i wish for the day that i can spend moments with you..beside you..

i long to see you smile.
to see you laugh..

i always think as to when should be the day
that i can hug you...

most of all..i dream for the day that we are goin to tie the knots..
and start the journey together..

all i dream..
all that i hope for..
nd all that i look forward to..
is the day when i can spend with the
rest of my life with you..

are dreams really do come true?
will they stay as dreams
or they will be part of reality soon?

i always hope that my dreams will do come true....
but,if it didnt..
im thankful that i have wonderful memories to keep in my heart..

for me,you will always be a gift from above..

27 Jan 2014 03:31


I always love to go over the time
when we first met.
It was and it will always be
an experienced that i'll never forget.

Meeting you, loving you and having you
make my days filled with worthwhile moments.
I know im not perfectly right for you
but I love you honestly and faithfully

You are the one whose presence
makes my day seems bright
whose words as simply as "hello"
is as sweet as "i love you too".

28 Jan 2014 08:09

You Fill My Heart

You can make my heartbeat
in a thousand different ways
And I swear sometimes I can’t breathe
when you look my way

I don’t know what it is about you
But there’s something to you
that I need, so deeply
and I always want you with me

You can make my heart smile
through any kind of day
And I swear I never feel an ounce of sadness you just wash it all way
I don’t know what is that you’ve got but you’re holding it over me
and I’ve never felt this free

I’ve never felt so alive or happy
You fill my heart with love
and I’ve got so much love
to give to only you
our whole lives through

28 Jan 2014 08:14

You’ll Never Know How Much I Love You

You’ll never know how much I love you
Words could never explain
What it is my heart feels
Or what I wish I could say
Saying I love you
Sounds too simple
Saying you mean the world to me
Doesn’t say enough
There is no definition
That could truly describe love

Love is bigger than four letters
Far more beautiful than it appears
Because of all of this and more
You’ll never know how much
I love you.

28 Jan 2014 11:36

Love Knows No Distance

Together we'll stay forever,
And we'll never be apart,
Maybe by distance,
But never by heart.
Fore my heart skips a beat,

Just thinking of you,
With a smile across my face,
I'll forever be here; Through and through.
Every thought brings happiness to my very heart and soul,
It's a feeling I can not ignore,
I think of you everyday,

In every single way.
I try to pick one thing I love most about you,
But it's impossible to say because I love everything you say and do.
Baby, it's got me falling deeper in every way; more and more,
This love of ours is forever pure,

Because you are the air I breath,
All I'll ever need,
You're a dream come true,
A love I never knew.
Our love knows no distance,
Here or there,

My heart is yours,
I'll forever care.
With this love of ours I feel we'll never part,
Because within your hand you forever hold my heart.

28 Jan 2014 11:54

alam ko maraming nagmamahal sa iyo.. mawala man ako, hindi hihinto ang mundo mo.. pero sana alam mong kapag nawala ka sa mundo ko, di ko na alam kung paano ulit paiikutin ito..

28 Jan 2014 11:56

bakit ganun.. kapag kumanan ako, umaasa lang ako.. kapag kumaliwa ako, nasasaktan lang ako.. paatras na ako nang maisip kong ikaw pa rin ang mahal ko.. kaya dumiretso pa rin ako.. isa lang ba talaga ang direksyon ng buhay ko? laging pabalik at papunta sa iyo??

28 Jan 2014 12:25


Of all the things I've ever said
Of all the tears I've ever shed
Of all the things I do to you
I want you to know that I still love you
Of all the days we fought and cried
Of .........

28 Jan 2014 12:30


Your love is a gift that I treasure
more with every pasing day
As time goes by I find myself discovering
more and more reasons to love you
This Valentine's Day.......
Im thinking about how ...........

28 Jan 2014 12:39


It's the way you say I love you and the
way you hold my hand
There's just so much about you I
completely understand
It's the twinkle in your eyes that I
only see when you look at me
It's the .................

28 Jan 2014 16:39
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28 Jan 2014 23:40

Love z more than gifts,flowers & chocolete, Love endures in every thing Love is copasionate it z understanding, 4giving it listeni 2 other opion. Ur the best thing that has ever happen 2 me.

29 Jan 2014 05:03

Pag - Ibig

Pag-ibig, pag-ibig, kay sarap umibig,
'pag puso ang nanaig, gunaw ang daigdig.
Dahil sa taglay nitong nakakakilig,
kahit kanino man hindi padadaig.

Kahit turing lang sa'kin ay kaibigan,
mamahalin kahit mpagpakailanman.
Pag-ibig ko sayo'y walang katapusan,
parang kalawakan na walang hanggan.

Ang Panginoon ang nagbigay sa iyo,
aalagaan kita hanggang magbago.
Gagawin lahat para hindi magulo,
ang nararamdamang ito para sa'yo.

Ang ating buhay ay magiging makulay,
kung magkakasundo tayo sa'ting bahay.
Ang katangi-tanging mithiin sa buhay,
ay aalalayan ka panghabangbuhay.

29 Jan 2014 06:02

Distant Love

Don't let the miles between us
Keep our love apart
Just listen close and you will hear
The beating of my heart
No distance, will ever keep
My heart from loving you
There are no more tears for it to weep
For a love that runs so true
I'll be there with you one day soon
To love you everyday
And then my heart will sing a tune
And you will hear it say
I've finally found my one true love
As true as one can be
And now your all I'm thinking of
Forever stay with me

29 Jan 2014 23:03

I've never imagined that there can be this day.A day that love will find its way,Out of my heart and to your soul.These feelings I have are beyond my control.:)

3 Apr 2015 18:40

A Woman Will Cherish a Man… who can deal with
her each and every need… who can hold her and
love her at her lowest… who has the strength of a
mountain and never moves from his decisions… who
has the quality of being her greatest backing at
what ever point she needs one… the one who can
build her up and never disappoint her… a man who
is dependable and keeps her as most important in
his world… a man who can shed tears for her,
showing her his heart and soul…

3 Apr 2015 18:43

When I met you it I had no doubt in
my heart that we were destined to
meet and fall in love. I felt like I had
known you since time unknown. I felt
we had met in every single lifetime in
the past. The moment you held my
hand I knew you were my once in a
lifetime kind of love. The moment I
looked into your eyes I knew you were
my happy ending…My soul was always
yours and It had to find your soul no
matter how when and where…AND it
did because we were destined to unite
again and again lifetime after
lifetime. Our souls are braided
together with eternal ribbons of love.
I will choose you, over and over and
over again every time I am born. I
LOVE YOU that much…