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24 Jun 2014 18:45

This is just only an imagination and visualization of the real
House the Senate & the congress.
Let us divide the house into two.
A. Senate
B. Congress
The Senate represent the team.
The congress represent the ordinary users.

Our rules is to form a new international policies about the human rights violations
We will create a law that is adaptable by international.
The first law was sponsored by lower house which is the congress, so let's open the floor.

24 Jun 2014 18:46

24 Jun 2014 18:53

24 Jun 2014 18:55

Anyone can start?

24 Jun 2014 18:56


24 Jun 2014 19:12

If you are taking course political science try it

24 Jun 2014 19:34


24 Jun 2014 19:41

Example ; house bill #0001
Anti human trafficking.
Death penalty or reclusion perpetua "life time imprisonment"
To any convicted suspect of the crimes.
Sponsored by : Senate house

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25 Jun 2014 05:37

h0use bill #1992
anti discriminati0n law in all aspect of life(religion,physical luks,gender,nationality,beliefs)
any1 vi0late ds shud be given a pr0per suncti0n and penalty
p0wered by: me...este by u..grrr...i mean by senate h0use
…geezzz!!! polsci is 1 of a heck b0ring and very difficult..its a mind bl0wing

25 Jun 2014 06:11

Nice practice. House bill #1992 anti discrimination. .
What is the penalty?
This is civil case or criminal Case?

25 Jun 2014 07:08

1sack of rice 4 min0r attempt joke...
penalty 4 min0rs...6m0nths impris0nment and 50k payment to d victim..
for major cases..1year impris0nment or up and 100k payment to d victim...
…ths is civil case..

25 Jun 2014 09:56

Hehe nice