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24 Jun 2014 14:58

According to the words of God, you can control every wild best in the jungle, you can tamed every wild animals,
But the tongue of man can't be.
It is like a single piece of smallest fire that can able to kindle the whole forest.
What is the good side and bad side being a whistle blower?

24 Jun 2014 15:58
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24 Jun 2014 16:03

Quote by 2ndly01
bad side it can give danger into ur life..saying sumthng that u d0nt have en0ugh evidence can be a threatened to ur peacefull 0ther way (gud side)if u kn0w what ur saying it can be a way to enlightened and straight that particular r0ad or pace in life or sumthng.


25 Jun 2014 08:10
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9 Nov 2014 17:41

Quote by Lost in love
Good tOpic sir clixters, i wrote down in short: reversing the prOcess Of gOod peOple turning Evil. POsitive: SOcial influence & civic virtue,> try tO watch CNN its happenning now from american veterinary issue,,,whistler blowers,

19 Jan 2015 12:59

19 Jan 2015 13:20

Quote by 0705189373
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Like ???

17 Feb 2015 14:56

Quote by china24
Quote by 0705189373
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Like ???