International forum: Fashion - what is the best motifs at all times?
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24 Jun 2014 13:05

As a fashion designers what is the best motifs should you advice to wear it that is fitted to all occasion?

24 Jun 2014 13:40
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24 Jun 2014 14:07

24 Jun 2014 15:24
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24 Jun 2014 15:59

Quote by 2ndly01
i agree to gara..but if i get married my m0tif wud be c0mbinati0n of green and pink and a bit color black..

Still single?
I'm looking someone. . Just kidding.

24 Jun 2014 17:23

Yeah you are al right my sisters, every occassion and its suitable dress code suiting it. But if is a minor occassion then we should know our best colours which we look smart in it to suit it

24 Jun 2014 18:04
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