International forum: Religion - the backbone of prophecy.
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24 Jun 2014 11:31

A couple of days I was able to post my topic pertaining to the great images which is referring to four kingdoms to be desolated until the last kingdom or empire will rise up.

This is also connected to that great images.
Now as an observers of Bible or Koran or quoran what is the foundation of prophecy to come up into a reality.

24 Jun 2014 11:55

Let me introduce to you about the word prophecy first.
The word prophecy is talking about the events in the future or foretelling about the future.
He can able to see the future of the present situation.
He is telling us in advance to be prepared .

24 Jun 2014 12:00

The backbone of prophecy to be able to know it.
We should be started about the 70th. Week or 7-years or 7-weeks or 7-days.
All of these are same in counting in 70th. Weeks of prophet Daniel prophecy.

24 Jun 2014 13:45
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25 Jun 2014 07:19

the backb0ne of pr0phecy is in the bible..whats inside in it..many prophet in 0ld testament whspered ab0ut d c0ming of messiah and it happened..and J0hn speaks ab0ut d judgement day in revelati0ns and i kn0w..we kn0w its happening..war over nati0n,greediness of pe0ple,lust of sinful body..etc..